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Cleaning IKEA sofas

Beyond the service of cleaning IKEA sofas, neutralizing unpleasant odors, we also clean IKEA carpets. 


Have you cleaned the sofas and carpets at home and want to protect them from stains for a period of one and a half to two years? 


Ask our team for a quote also for coating the sofas or carpets with a professional stain-repellent material.

The material prevents upholstery from absorbing liquids completely, so that if something spills on the sofa or carpet, all you have to do is absorb the liquids with a clean cloth or absorbent paper. 


How much does an IKEA sofa cleaning service cost? 


The cleaning price varies according to the type of fabric, the size of the sofas and also according to its condition. 

The price is about ninety shekels on average per seat. 


Do you give a warranty on every job? 


We certainly guarantee that no unexpected damages will be caused to your furniture as a result of the cleaning process. 

Before any work, our team checks the sofas and if they detect stains that cannot be removed, they will notify you in advance before starting the work. 


We at Zeus Clean provide additional services such as cleaning car upholstery, cleaning dining room chairs and cleaning mattresses at the customer's home. 


For more information and a quote contact us today and we will be happy to help.

ניקוי ספות בהרצליה

Cleaning IKEA sofas is not an easy task at all, it is true that there are sofas with a removable cover, but most sofas do not have such a cover. 

Even in the event that the cover is indeed sent away, even then it is not such a simple task because the cover may shrink and you will not be able to put it back in its place. 

Another problem is that in some sofas only the cover of the cushions is removable and can be washed, but the frame of the sofas will remain dirty. 

We at Zeus Clean specialize in providing a service of cleaning IKEA sofas of all types. 


Are all IKEA sofas cleaned with your method? 


With the method we use, it is possible to clean, refresh and remove stains from most IKEA sofas since they are washable fabrics, but every rule has an exception and there are types of fabric that are a little more difficult to clean. 


For the avoidance of doubt, you can send us photos of the sofas and then we will be able to give you a clearer answer and also a price quote for professional IKEA sofa cleaning at the customer's home. 


Contacting a company that specializes in the subject will save you unnecessary expenses and a lot of headaches. 

After receiving an offer  price from us we can coordinate a day and time and from there we will take care of the problem.

This is an easy and quick process that does not require more than an hour to an hour and a half of work for an average living room of five seats. 


At the end of the work, we can also apply an active odor neutralizer that breaks down all the bacteria that are the source of unpleasant odors. 

ניקוי ספות איקאה
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