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Hello , welcome to Zeus Clean sofa & carpet cleaners Israel !

Our company provides cleaning services for couches, carpets and car upholstery . Our services are available in all Israel areas for the private, business and institutional sectors. Our work is based on the american system which cleans the carpets and sofas by injection and suction. We use top professional equipment that include eco friendly solutions in order to not harm the environment and protect our costumers and team.

Every costumer receives a price offer, demonstration and warranty free off charge. Our success is do to three very important principles : customer satisfaction before everything, punctuality and quality services at affordable prices.

Sounds hard to believe?

Call now and the burden of proof is on us!

Carpet Cleaning How Much Does It Cost?


The price varies according to the type of carpet, its size and condition. Most prices range from NIS 40 to NIS per square foot

How much cleaning does it cost?


The price for professional sofa cleaning depends on the type of sofa, sofa size and condition. Prices can range from ninety to one hundred and fifty shekels per meter.

How is a sofa cleaning or carpet cleaning process done?


We clean the furniture in your home by using the injection and suction method with the help of professional upholstery cleaning equipment as well as professional cleaning materials.

What services do you provide?

Sofa Cleaning

Carpet cleaning 

Upholstery deep cleaning

Our service is provided to both private and business customers. Our clients include private clients, high-tech companies, hotels and embassies.


How can I know that you are a legitimate company?


If you search for the company name Zeus Clean across Google, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram you will find countless positive reviews and plenty of work we have done from 2006 to the present.


Why choose us?

Free quote without obligation

Warranty for any work that will not cause damage as a result of cleaning process.

Professional, courteous service and a wide smile are guaranteed for every customer.

Phone : 050-921-7080


Facebook : Zeus Clean

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carpet cleaner

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