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8 questions and answers related to cleaning sofas and carpets

6 What is your availability and where do you provide service? 


On most days of the year our availability is one or two days and during the holidays it is advisable to order cleaning a few weeks in advance. 


7 Beyond cleaning sofas and carpets, do you provide other services? 


In addition to cleaning sofas and carpets, we also clean car upholstery, dining room chairs, roller blinds, armchairs, youth beds and wall-to-wall carpets for offices and hotels.


8 How are you different from other companies, why choose you? 


We have been providing our service since 2006 so we have plenty of experience. 

Using the best materials in the field of cleaning. 

Using the best cleaning machines in the world! 

Warranty in every job. 

Price offer without obligation. 

Commitment to the result. 



You can read reviews about us on Google and visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to get an impression of the level of our work. 

You can also watch hundreds of videos that we published on our YouTube channel. 


We hope that we were able to answer as many questions as possible about cleaning sofas or cleaning carpets at the customer's home. 

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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1 Do you give a warranty on every job, if so what exactly does that mean? 


Absolutely, we guarantee every job. 

Guarantee that no damage will be caused to the sofa, carpet or any other piece of furniture as a result of the cleaning process. 


2 Why are leather sofas and natural fabric sofas more expensive to clean? 


Unlike washable fabric upholstery, this is a much more difficult job and we will also have to use much more expensive materials. 


For the purpose of the example, cleaning leather sofas is done manually.

 Cleaning sofas made of impala fabric, cotton, wool, etc. will be a little more expensive since the washing process must be carried out several times until the desired result is reached. 


3 How can I get a discount? 


You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we regularly post promotions for sofa cleaning or carpet cleaning. 

Another way is to order a service for several pieces of furniture at once or organize several neighbors from the same building for a concentrated cleaning day and then everyone will enjoy a significant discount.


4 How long does it take for the sofas to dry after cleaning?


Drying times can range from a few hours to twenty-four hours in the worst case. 

On hot summer days, the living rooms dry even within two or three hours.


5 Is it possible to clean mattresses with the same method? 


The answer is positive, it is recommended and desirable to order professional cleaning for mattresses at least twice a year. 

Even if the mattress looks clean, it still absorbs a lot of dust and pollutants. 

Sleeping on a clean mattress will always be better!

8 שאלות ותשובות הקשורות לניקוי ספות ושטיחים
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