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Welcome to the Zeus Clean website - cleaning sofas and carpets at the customer's home 

Our company provides advanced cleaning solutions in the field of cleaning upholstery and carpets since 2006. 

Among our clients are private clients, institutions, hi-tech companies, offices, hotels, houses and more. 

In addition to cleaning, we also provide advanced solutions for neutralizing all kinds of evil spirits. 

Coating carpets with a stain-repellent material.

Covering sofas with a stain-repellent material. 

Repair and renewal of carpets. 

Removing tough stains such as: ink, chewing gum, coffee, wine, oils, markers, slime and more. 

Also, our company provides a service of cleaning and restoring furniture that was damaged due to water and fire damage. 

For a price quote and additional details, we will be happy if you contact us. 

Do you want to get an impression of works we have done for you? 

You can simply search for the phrase Zeus Clean on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. 

Do you want to read reviews that our customers left after we provided them with a service? 

Search for Zeus Clean on Google Maps. 

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Do you want to read reviews that our customers left for us after receiving service from us?click hereGo to our Google reviews page

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