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Car upholstery cleaning - Car upholstery cleaning

How often is it recommended to clean car upholstery?

How long does the drying process last after cleaning car upholstery? 

What is your availability for car upholstery cleaning?

Many customers contact us because they want to sell their car and car upholstery cleaning will significantly improve the chances of selling the car as soon as possible and at the right price. 

After all, no one will buy an unmaintained car. 

Some of our inquiries are received from people who have just purchased a second-hand vehicle and they want to refresh the upholstery and eliminate unpleasant odors that have accumulated as a result of previous use by other owners.

Whether you are selling or buying a car, we recommend cleaning car upholstery once a year to maintain the vehicle's upholstery for the long term.

Cleaning car upholstery in private vehicles The cleaning process lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. 

Cleaning car upholstery, including the floor, doors, floor mats and the trunk, usually takes about an hour and a half to two hours.

In commercial vehicles, the times vary according to the size of the vehicle and the nature of the work.

Our availability is usually between one and two days, it should be taken into account that there are days when the work cannot be done because of these weather conditions if the vehicle is parked in a covered or underground parking lot.

When is it recommended to perform a car upholstery cleaning treatment? 

You can clean car upholstery in all seasons, but of course in the summer they will dry faster. 

How much does cleaning car upholstery cost? 

The price for cleaning car upholstery can range from 400 to 700 shekels and it depends on the type of upholstery, the amount of seats, their condition and whether the customer only wants to clean the car upholstery or if he wants to also clean the carpets, doors and floor of the car. 

Cleaning car upholstery Do you also clean leather upholstery or only fabric?

Since 2005 we have been offering a service ofUpholstery cleaningCar for both private and business customers.

We provide a car upholstery cleaning service for fabric and leather upholstery. and also  also vehicles with a combination of fabric and leather

Although the techniques are different between fabric and leather upholstery, with both options you will get a car as clean and polished as the day it left the company.

Cleaning car upholstery - what equipment do you use? 

We use the same method asCleaning sofasAt the customer's house, this method is called the American method.  

Cleaning is carried out by injecting hot water and detergents under water pressure into the upholstery fibers and suction. 

In the treatment of cleaning car upholstery for seats  the leather is cleaned in the same way as for cleaning the floor and carpets. 

The leather upholstery itself, unlike fabric upholstery, we clean by scrubbing with a special brush and professional materials only. 

Cleaning car upholstery in leather seats with a machine will often cause irreversible damage such as peeling paint or peeling and cracks in the leather.

In the case of a combination of fabric and leather, we first clean the parts made of leather manually and then the fabric itself with the help of an injection and suction machine.

Car upholstery cleaning should only be done by professionals in car upholstery cleaning to avoid a situation where the seats will not dry out or be completely destroyed as a result of the treatment.

Does cleaning car upholstery smell like cigarettes? 

How do you find the smell of cigarettes from the car?

Absolutely yes, professional car upholstery cleaning can significantly reduce the smell of cigarettes that lingers in your car. 

Keep in mind that this will not always remove the smell completely, since cigarette smoke is also absorbed by other parts of the vehicle such as tires, etc.  

Can car upholstery be cleaned anywhere? 

We provide car upholstery cleaning at the customer's home or anywhere else as long as we have access to a power point within a range of up to 25 meters from where your vehicle is parked.

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Before cleaning car upholstery

What materials do you use for cleaning car upholstery? 

We clean the upholstery using professional materials intended only for this purpose and without the use of dangerous chemicals. 

Care must be taken to choose the right material for cleaning the upholstery in order not to damage them and to achieve maximum cleaning results. 

How do you clean urine from car upholstery?

We clean the upholstery focusing on the affected area and then treat it with a professional deodorizing agent which, in addition to the usual perfume, actually eliminates all the bacteria accumulated from the urine itself and remains active for several days.

I spilled a gallon of oil in my car, how do I clean it and is it possible?

It is absolutely possible, professional car upholstery cleaning is done with the help of a grease remover and making sure to thoroughly vacuum the upholstery itself.

I have a mildew smell in my car and worker stains on the seats, how can I clean and remove the smell?

There is no problem, perform a normal cleaning with preliminary pumping of the water accumulated in the vehicle as a result of rainwater or an open window while you washed the vehicle. 

Beyond the cleaning itself, we use an odor neutralizing agent and a special agent to remove mold stains and disinfection. 

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After cleaning car upholstery

Why choose Zeus for cleaning?

Car upholstery ? 

First of all, because we love what we do and we understand the emotional value the customer has towards his car and not least its financial value. 

When cleaning upholstery, the cleaning process must be carried out using only professional equipment and material so as not to damage the upholstery and other parts of the vehicle's interior.

Free demonstration and quote without obligation on your part.

Responsibility for all work.

Commitment to the result: We didn't clean, you didn't pay!! 

At the car wash, they offered me car upholstery cleaning for 300 shekels, why should I pay you 450? 

One of the questions we get almost every day. 

By and large we are not the cheapest and we certainly don't want to be.

But our prices are definitely affordable and worth the investment for those looking for quality service and not just cheap.

Think how long it will take you to get the car to the wash lot, leave it there for half a day and come back to pick it up while the seats themselves are soaked in water and we are not talking about the results at all.

What sets us apart is the quality of the materials, the equipment and above all the experience we have gained after 14 years in the field to differentiate us from some nice guy who works in a car wash as a casual job. 

Beyond that, we come to you and perform the service instead of another factor that will save you gas, traffic jams and half a day or a whole day of waiting until you get the car back.

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