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Cleaning the couches for choosing a professional sofa cleaning company

ניקוי ספות המלצות
ניקוי ספות המלצות
ניקוי ספות המלצות
ניקוי ספות המלצות

Sofa cleaning recommendations

Many customers contact us and explain that they have received many quotes for cleaning sofas, carpets, mattresses or upholstery cleaning but they do not know how to choose the right and best company for them.


It is important to understand that the field of cleaning upholstery and carpets in Israel is completely undeveloped and without supervision and restrictions of this kind the result is a market full of quality professionals and also a lot of scammers, scammers or new companies who do not know how to do the job.


You will be surprised to hear, but there are professionals in Israel who close a price on the phone with the customer and as soon as they arrive at the customer's house, they ask for advice in WhatsApp groups of professionals, these questions are repeated every day. We receive on a daily basis questions from other "professionals", questions like: what fabric is this?, how much to ask for? How to clean it? Or what material to use? We are all looking for cheap service and a fair price, but would you like to bring such a professional into your home?

Is a saving of 100 or 200 shekels worth to you the risk of irreparable damage to the furniture in your home? We are sure not!!!


Successful methods that the diggers use that you should be careful of which:

You offeredpriceSignificantly cheaper than the other companies, their goal is to convince you that this is the best deal you will get and convince you to let them into your home.

When they arrive at your home, the real show will begin, the price jump show.


Many professionals claim that they use only professional materials, but in fact they will clean your sofas with cheap washing powder, the carpets with a floor cleaner and even with the help of dangerous substances such as bleach, acids and degreasers that come from the yoke of industrial cleaning for concrete surfaces, metals and parking lot floors.

All to save a few more shekels.


The most delusional are the companies that will sell you a treatment with stain repellants, but in fact they will spray tap water, after all, you will not intentionally spill a cup of coffee on the sofas at the end of the treatment and notice that they worked on you only after a certain period of time, and then they will already find a creative way to avoid responsibility.


Another loophole in the area of cleaning sofas and carpets is the straw companies that will tell you stories on the phone and explain how professional and experienced they are.

The problem is that the person answering the phone has never cleaned a sofa in his life, these are companies selling leads.

They advertise under the guise of a large company, but in fact the person who will come to you is an inexperienced subcontractor who usually chooses to work with companies of this type for the simple reason that he is not professional enough or that his name has been ruined in the past due to various damages he has done or unprofessional service that caused him to start working under companies others.

These companies charge commissions from these subcontractors that usually exceed 50%.

You will be charged, let's say, NIS 350 for cleaning living room 3 and 2, and the contractor himself who will do the work will receive an average of NIS 150, from this amount he has to deduct all his expenses. A professional company will charge from 450 to 750for cleaning sofas3 and 2.

What kind of service do you think you will get from a professional who earns only NIS 150?

From this amount, taxes, fuel,Materials, advertising expenses and more...

Does it make sense to you that a real professional will come to you to renew the sofas, work hard for an hour and a half, sometimes together with another worker, stand in traffic jams, pay for parking, taxes, materials and you will receive a truly professional service?! The answer is clear to all of us.


So how to choose an institute professional to perform the work?

First of all recommendations!

Ask for recommendations from friends or relatives who have received similar service in the past and they can recommend someone of quality. Check the search engines for recommendations and reviews about the company you want to bring into your home, usually a little Google search will save you a big headache.


The materials, insist on knowing what materials they use. The equipment, check carefully what equipment they are going to come to your house with, quite a few of those involved in the field will come to you with a wet vacuum cleaner that can be purchased at tool shops for 1500 shekels for home and non-professional use.


The work methods, check if they know what they are doing and if they know how to diagnose what type of fabric it is.


Experience, check how many years they have really been in the field and not just according to what is written on their website. Anyone can write over 30 years of experience, the question is how true it is.

Check with the company if it has a professional website, social media pages, etc.

After all, a company that has been in the field for over twenty years but they still don't have a website or a business page on Facebook is a little improper to say the least.


Check if they are responsible for damages that may be caused as a result of the cleaning.

Check if they commit to the result.

And most importantly, make sure that the price you received on the phone will not increase when they arrive at your home.

Ask if it includes VAT, including stain removal, including neutralizing odors, etc.


And by and large, pay attention to who you are standing in front of, as in every situation in life,

Do not choose the cheapest option if the professional is not helpful or patient enough.


Remember, cheap gets expensive in the end.

For over 12 years of activity in the field, we have seen that we have encountered everything from everything and we repair damages of other companies on a weekly basis.


There are good companies and lots of good professionals in the market, we will even be happy to recommend you who to contact if you decide not to choose us to clean the furniture in your home.


We hope we helped you understand what is the right way to choose the most suitable professional.

If you need further advice or wish to order a professional cleaning service for your furniture, we will always be happy to be at your disposal.

We at Zeus Clean commit to the result, we didn't clean you didn't pay.

Responsible for not causing damage as a result of our cleaning.

And we always put customer satisfaction first because we know how to extend the life of those who chose quality and not the cheap price.

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