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Cleaning roller blinds

Cleaning roller blinds / Roman blinds is one of the most complicated cleanings that requires a lot of experience and professional knowledge in this field. 

Roller blinds are used by us in their design aspect at home or in the office. 

They brighten up the look in any space where they are placed but no one likes to see them dirty. 

Beyond the design aspect, they are used by us in terms of privacy and also to filter the sun's rays. 

In recent years, more and more people are purchasing roller blinds because of their efficiency and modern appearance. 
Every week we receive several inquiries about cleaning roller blinds, since cleaning them independently is impossible. 

We have been in the field since 2006 and during this time we have managed to clean hundreds if not thousands of square meters of roller blinds. 

ניקוי וילונות גלילה

Cleaning roller blinds When to clean? 

Since they absorb a lot of dust and pollute, we recommend cleaning roller blinds once every six months. 

Will all the stains disappear when cleaning roller blinds professionally? 

In ninety-five percent of the cases everything is included and everything can be removed. 
It should be taken into account that there are cases where the curtains are stained with stains that cause irreversible damage. 

How far in advance should I order a roller blind cleaning service? 

Our availability is about two or three days.


After cleaning professional roller blinds, is there a way to keep the blinds clean? 

Certainly, we can apply a stain-repellent protective agent which prevents the curtains from absorbing liquids and as a result they will remain clean during six months to a year. 

To receive a price quote, ask our representatives about promotions for stain repellent treatment for those who order roller blinds cleaning service. 

For a quote, consultation or service order, you are welcome to contact us today. 
Zeus Clean, the experts in cleaning roller blinds.

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Did you purchase roller blinds / Roman blinds for thousands of shekels? 

From now on you won't have to change them every year, you can just clean them! 

Cleaning roller blinds, how to do it right! 
similarlyfor cleaning sofasAnd cleaning carpets and roller blinds is also done using the injection and suction method. 
It is important to observe a controlled suction power as well as the suction power. 
Another thing that is important to pay attention to is to work with adapted materials for cleaning roller blinds in order not to damage the curtain. 

Cleaning roller blinds How much does it cost? 
There are dozens if not hundreds of different types of roller blinds, the price is priced per square meter and it varies according to the type of curtain, its size and condition. 
Usually the prices for cleaning roller blinds range from thirty to sixty shekels for each square meter. 

Cleaning roller blinds - drying times

Roller blinds dry on average between two and eight hours from the moment the cleaning is finished. 

Cleaning a scroll on what to pay attention to 
It is very important to check who you let carry out the task, check if they have experience in the field and also the appropriate equipment and materials. 
Remember that the work is very delicate and any mistake, even the smallest, can ruin the curtains. 

Cleaning roller blinds at the customer's home 

Yes, you read that right, there is no need to disassemble and reassemble, there is no need to wait a week until the curtain comes back to you and stay with "naked" windows for a week. 
Simply contact us for a price quote, coordinate a day and time and we will come to provide you with a service of cleaning roller blinds on the spot. 
For the purpose of the example, the process of cleaning a Roman curtain measuring three by two does not require more than an hour of work. 

ניקוי וילונות גלילה
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