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Frequently asked questions and answers about cleaning sofas and carpets

Do you clean carpets from wall to wall?

The Zeus company provides carpet cleaning services from wall to wall to both private and business customers.

Whether it is small areas or large areas, everyone receives the same service and the same level of cleanliness.

I bought a shaggy carpet and I don't know how to maintain it, what should I do?

Shaggy carpets are known as carpets that are difficult to maintain, except for deep care by the Zeus company twice a year, it is recommended to vacuum the carpets every week on a regular basis and thus you will prevent all the dust and crumbs from penetrating deep into the carpet.

Every month you can also turn it over and simply let the children jump on it :-) and as a result all the things that got into it like sand and crumbs will fall from the carpet. 


I bought a special material for cleaning carpets and sofas in one of the chains, how do you work with it?

All materials sold online are really not recommended for cleaning upholstery and carpets at home.

The opposite is true and usually they will cause more harm  than benefit and the reason for this is very simple.

When there is a stain, the goal is to remove it and not to penetrate it by rubbing and applying other substances.

In a professional cleaning process, we soften the dirt using steamed water and special soap and then vacuum it out of the fabrics.

The materials sold in stores sometimes blur the stain, but it returns within a few hours.


How do you get a quote and how much does a demo cost?

In the first step, you are invited to contact us and you will already receive orders of magnitude over the phone, after that a professional from us will come to your home and diagnose the nature of the work to be done in your home and he will give you a price quote and a free demonstration.

What materials do you use?

All ingredients are completely green! We do not use substances tested on animals, chemicals or acids of any kind. 

We import the materials from Germany and Italy especially in order to give our customers the best that can be obtained in the market.


JI have a parquet floor, I'm afraid it will be destroyed while cleaning the furniture!

Don't worry, all you have to do is let us know and our team will arrive with a special cover that will protect wooden or marble floors... 

We at Zeus know and are used to working in a highly professional manner while causing minimal disruption in our work environment.

Can ink stains be cleaned from leather couches?

In most cases, ink damage on leather sofas causes irreversible damage, but we at Zeus specialize

In removing ink stains from leather sofas thanks to special work techniques and special cleaning agents which we import from Italy.

Do you renew leather sofas?

Absolutely yes, we renew all types of leather upholstery after fire, water, mold and natural wear and tear.


I'm moving in about two weeks, when do I clean the sofas before or after the move?

Most people tend to clean the upholstery before moving, we recommend cleaning only after moving the apartment

In order to avoid a situation where you have to invite professionals again and again. During the moving of the apartment, many unpleasant things may happen which can dirty the furniture.

My dog defecated on my new couch, what should I do? Throw the couch?

Absolutely not, we provide a special service for this type of cases.

The treatment includes cleaning, disinfection and treatment of bad odors.


How much does it cost to clean car upholstery?

priceCleaning car upholsteryVaries according to the type of upholstery, the number of seats and the nature of the work to be performed,

You are welcome to contact us and our professionals will be happy to give you a quote at any time.


What services do you provide?

We specialize in cleaning all types of upholstery, cleaning carpets, cleaning curtains and car upholstery.


How far in advance should I book you?

At least a day or two before the date when you want us to perform the cleaning, in urgent cases and if possible we also provide a service "from now to now". 


Is there a special material for cleaning leather sofas that can be purchased from you?

Yes, we provide special cleaning materials that help maintain the quality of the upholstery on a regular basis.


I have a handmade rug from sixty years ago, are you able to clean it without damaging it?

Absolutely yes, we understand the sentimental feeling our customers have towards this type of furniture.

We clean these kinds of things on a daily basis, we are also the only company that provides a written guarantee in these cases.

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Where are you from in Israel? 

Our offices are in Ramat Gan.

Do you have a branch in North / South / Jerusalem?

No, we do not have branches, but our service is provided throughout the country at the customer's home.

How long have you been in the field? 

We have been in the field of cleaning sofas and carpets in Israel since 2005.


Do you work on Saturday? 

No, we work very hard during the week and we have to

rest day a week.


What is your availability? 

Our availability is usually two or three days except during the holidays.


Do must coordinate in advance?

Except for emergencies, such as for example in the case of flooding, we usually do not have the option

to arrive at your home in a day's notice.


Do you give a warranty? 

Certainly, we give a full guarantee that no damage will be caused to the furniture

yours as a result of our cleaning.


Can I have a demo? 

Yes, for any job you can get a demo without obligation beforehand

the beginning of the work.


Do you charge arrival fees? 

Absolutely not.  


Is there a minimum order to order a service from you? 

Yes, there is a minimum order to arrive at the customer's home of NIS 300.


Does the cleaning cause damage to the furniture?

On the contrary, our goal is to do good with your furniture and not

harm them.


I ordered carpet cleaning from you, what services do you have in addition to that? 

Cleaning sofas, cleaning mattresses, cleaning youth beds, cleaning dining room chairs, Cleaning car upholstery and more.


Can leather sofas be cleaned as well?

Although the method is different from cleaning fabric sofas and the materials are also different, but

Yes, you can also clean leather sofas without any unusual problem.


I have a leather sofa full of tears and cracks, will it disappear after your cleaning? 

No, cleaning does not solve such problems. In case of tears and cracks there is make repairs and repaint the skin.


Do you also upholster furniture?


How long does it take for the furniture to dry?

The drying time is about 5-6 hours, in severe cases where the furniture is really dirtyAnd we are forced to use double the amount of water, drying may last 12-24 hours.

Is it possible to clean a youth bed with an electric mechanism?

There is no reason why it shouldn't be possible, we use very little water thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and consequently the mattress

Does not absorb much water during the cleaning process except for the fact that in ninety percent of the cases the electrical mechanism is located below Bed.


Is there a price difference in cleaning sofas and fabric?

Mostly yes, cleaning leather sofas unlike fabric sofas is a more difficult process and requires more physical (manual) work

Because the skin is cleaned manually almost without the use of cleaning machines.


How long does it take for the carpet to dry after your cleaning?

at the end of the processCarpet cleaningWe pump about 90% of the water we introduced into the carpets at the end of the job

The carpets remain moist and not soaked in water. In most cases, you have to wait about three to four hours for complete drying.


My carpet was flooded, is there a chance to save it?

The answer is a resounding yes! In case of flooding, hurry up to contact us and we will get to you as quickly as possible,

We will pump the water out of the carpet, wash it with special soap and disinfect it from bad odors and mold damage and then dry it using special equipment for drying carpets.


Will cleaning a carpet in my home cost less than handing it in?

Cleaning carpets at the customer's home will always cost less money and the reason was very simple: transportation costs!


If I give you some carpets for cleaning, how soon will I get them back?

As long as it is not a holiday period, we commit to three to five working days.

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