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Cleaning an armchair 

Cleaning armchairs, similar to cleaning sofas, is a necessary treatment at least once a year to preserve the upholstery for years. 
Beyond their design appearance, they are completely used by us every day for resting, watching TV or whenever we feel like reading a newspaper or a book. 
Besides sitting, we tend to eat and drink on the armchairs and over time they absorb a lot of stains and dust. 

From now on there is no need to reupholster them or replace them with new ones once a year or two years, you can simply order

A company that provides a professional armchair cleaning service at the customer's home. 

How long does the process of cleaning armchairs require? 
Depending on the condition of the upholstery, the type of upholstery and the size of the armchair, an armchair can usually be cleaned in about half an hour. 

How long does it take to dry after cleaning? 
Drying times are between four and twelve hours on average for fabric upholstery. 
If it is leather upholstery, you can return to using it within an hour. 

Cleaning leather armchairs price
Leather armchairs are cleaned manually, unlike fabric upholstery, so the price will be a little more expensive and can range from one hundred and fifty to two hundred and fifty shekels per armchair.  

Cleaning fabric armchairs price 
The price for cleaning fabric armchairs varies according to the type of fabric, the size of the armchair and its condition. 
For an accurate price quote, you can simply take a photo and send us the photo via email or WhatsApp message. 
One of us will get back to you within minutes with a price quote without obligation on your part. 

How to clean fabric armchairs 
similarlyfor cleaning sofasWe use a machine that works with the injection and suction method. 
On the one hand, she injects boiling water and upholstery cleaner into the fibers and on the other side, sucks everything back together with the dirt she dissolves. 
At the end of the cleaning, we perform thorough vacuuming and apply a substance that monitors unpleasant odors. 

How to clean leather armchairs
Cleaning leather armchairs is done manually with a fine horse hair brush which we dip into a special material for cleaning leather upholstery. 
Work in small parts of about thirty square centimeters by scrubbing and wiping with a microfiber cloth. 
After going over all the furniture around in a uniform way, we vacuum all the crevices and finally apply a skin nutrient. 

Whether it is fabric or leather upholstery, it is important to perform a test in a hidden corner to make sure that the upholstery is resistant to the cleaning process.

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Cleaning armchairs from urine stains and odors
Beyond the usual cleaning, we can remove hard urine stains and also urine odors. 
The most important tip is not to wait, as soon as an accident happened, immediately order a cleaning company. 
Since these are acidic stains, the longer they remain, the more difficult it will be to thoroughly clean armchairs and get rid of the stains. 

Cleaning armchairs with unpleasant smells of cigarettes, wetness or any other unpleasant smell is possible if professional treatment is performed. 
Thanks to the high-quality ingredients and remedies, we succeed in uprooting the bacteria that cause an unpleasant smell from the root. 
Also, at the end of the cleaning process, we also apply a disinfectant and neutralizes unpleasant odors. 

Stain repellent 
Yes, you read Institute, there is such a thing! 
From today, after cleaning fabric armchairs or cleaning leather armchairs, you can ask our team to apply maple stain repellent to the upholstery, which will prevent them from absorbing liquids and accumulating new stains. 
What is special about this material is the fact that it is durable for a period of about 18 months and cannot be distinguished at all, not in terms of smell, appearance or even by touch. 

Regular cleaning of armchairs 
We recommend thoroughly vacuuming the couches once a week and avoiding eating and drinking as much as possible. 
You can clean leather armchairs yourself once a month. 
All you have to do is wipe them with a damp cloth and then apply skin lotion on them. 

Again, we advise you not to throw away thousands of shekels on reupholstering. Even in the most difficult cases there is a chance to renew the upholstery with the help of professional armchair cleaning. 

You are welcome to consult with us and get our opinion if you are not sure which is better to clean or upholster. 

Why choose us?

  • The best equipment and materials in the field of carpet cleaning under warranty! 

  • Guarantee that no damage will be caused as a result of the cleaning.

  • Arrival on time. 

  • Patient and kind service is a top value for us. 

  • Plenty of recommendations and reviews across the web.

We have been providing the service in Israel since 2006 in all of Gush Dan, Isor Hasharon and the lowland area. 
If you would like to receive a quote from us, advice or order a service, you are welcome to contact us today.

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