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Cleaning car seats - how to clean car seats

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ניקוי מושבי רכב מחיר

​saveCleaning the car seatsEqually important as keeping clean
Our home living room. So how do you clean car seats by cleaning car seats professionally?
We at Zeus have gained a lot of experience and knowledge on the subject over the years and thanks to these tools we provide our customers with a comprehensive service of cleaning car seats, cleaning the car floor, cleaning padded doors and the trunk.

Car seat cleaning treatment is usually the same as the treatment we give to the highest quality salons while being careful about the quality of the materials that help us achieve the best results and also maintain the quality of the upholstery in the car.
The process of cleaning car seats  consists of the following steps:


1. Vacuuming the seats from dust and all dirt such as crumbs, etc..  

2. Spraying a detergent material (shampoo) created for cleaning car seats , it is very important to match the type of material to each fabric  In order to achieve the best cleaning results and of course also to not damage the upholstery or the sponge underneath.

3. Scrubbing the material into the fabric fibers to perform a deep and massive cleaning.  

4. High pressure water injection using a special device for cleaning sofas.

5. Pump the shampoo together with the water we injected into the upholstery with high suction powers to remove  As much liquid as possible from the upholstery, it is important to remember that you must not leave the seats wet after cleaning the car seats so that this does not happen  Unpleasant situations such as the development of mold, unpleasant odors or rust in internal metal parts.

In particularly difficult cases, we repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 several times until we get a good result to the customer's satisfaction.

6. In cases of bad odors, we spray the upholstery at the end of the cleaning process with a special deodorizing agent designed for this purpose , this agent is different from a regular perfume that can be found in any department store, it 100% solves the odor problem.

The odor neutralizer  that we work with remains active for several days and leaves no trace of unpleasant odors behind.

7. At the end of the car seat cleaning process  the upholstery remains moist and not soaked in water, because we pump out 90% of the water.Therefore, the drying process lasts only about 3-4 hours.

In exactly the same way we also clean the fixed carpet that cannot be removed, the door linings and The padding in the trunk of the vehicle.

Cleaning car seats How much does it cost? 

The price ranges from 400 to 700 shekels and it depends on the type of upholstery, their condition and the number of seats. 

How long does it take to clean car seats?

 about an hour to an hour and a half.


Cleaning car seats for leather upholstery is also possible? 

Certainly, the work method is different and is done manually but it is also something we do. We also provide a service of cleaning car seats for combined fabric and leather upholstery. 


How do you clean car seats by yourself to maintain them? 

In order to maintain your upholstery for a long time, be sure to thoroughly vacuum once a week. 

How do you clean car seats after flooding? 

Unfortunately, in the case of a flooded car, you need to contact a professional who specializes in cleaning car seats as soon as possible so that he can pump out the water, clean thoroughly and then spray a disinfectant and neutralize unpleasant odors. 

How do you clean car seats as soon as something is spilled? 

Prepare a bowl with about half a liter of water, dish soap and a clean towel. 

Mix the soap in the hot water and dip the corner of the clean towel into it. 

Be sure to work with a damp towel only and not soaked in water, and also do not wink and apply the stain, but only absorb the stain in the seat and finally wipe well with the dry side of the towel. 

How do you clean car seats if I have leather upholstery? 

Cleaning car seats for leather upholstery must be done regularly at least once or twice a month. 

All you need to do is vacuum thoroughly, wipe with a damp cloth and then apply a skin conditioner.


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