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How to clean leather seats in a car - how to clean leather upholstery? 

איך לנקות מושבי עור ברכב
איך מנקים ריפודי עור

​ The treatment of cleaning leather seats in a car, similar to leather sofas, is most of the time done manually.
The cleaning is done manually so that we do not cause scratches, cracks or tears in the skin.
Machines with high suction or water injection powers will most likely cause serious damage to the upholstery.

It is important to remember that similar to normal upholstery fabrics, in leather upholstery there are dozens or even hundreds of different types of materials such as: napa leather, buffalo leather and industrial leather.
The first thing to do in the processCleaning leather seatsIt is the diagnosis of the skin type so that we can match it with the appropriate treatment.

After we diagnose which material it is, we do a small test in a hidden corner to check the reaction of the fabric to the cleaning process.

Sometimes even in the most expensive sofas, the leather can peel, crack, lose color or change tone.
The farther the color of the skin is from its natural color, the greater the chance of damaging it if you do not work in the correct order and with all the appropriate materials and tools.  

This means that white or beige leather upholstery is much safer to clean than red or blue leather fabrics.

After testing the type of leather and its resistance to the cleaning process, we prepare complex mixtures
lukewarm water, special shampoo and conditioner.


How to clean leather car seats by yourself? 


Very simply, once every two weeks, wipe the seats with a damp cloth from dust.

After wiping, you will allow the leather upholstery to dry completely and then you will apply a nutrient for leather upholstery. 


How to clean white leather upholstery from ink stains? 


In that case you will have to use a professional and even then it is not certain that the problem can be solved. 

Cleaning ink stains from leather upholstery is one of the most difficult things to clean, despite this, a professional company has the appropriate tools and materials to perform this type of cleaning.

Do not under any circumstances try to clean yourself with bleach, the miracle sponge or all kinds of paint removers.

Similar to our skin, leather upholstery can also dry out, so it is very important to use emollients.
Cleaning is done with special brushes for cleaning leather upholstery which do not cause scratches or any other damage to the upholstery.
The results of cleaning leather upholstery are much higher than normal fabric upholstery and it is impossible not to notice the results immediately after cleaning.
At the end of the process, we apply a special emulsion to the entire work surface, this substance softens the skin and gives it shine, the smell of leather that just arrived from the factory and a particularly pleasant touch.
The drying process in leather seats is immediate, but we recommend not sitting on it for half an hour after the cleaning process is finished
To allow him to absorb the emulsion uniformly.

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