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Cleaning mattresses 

How often do you recommend cleaning mattresses and beds at home?

How long does the work and drying process last? 

What is your availability?


Health Health and above all health!! 

A bed or mattress should be cleaned at least once or twice a year.

Many customers turn to us only after accidents involving the urine of small children or animals. 

But they don't understand the health aspect, beds have a tendency to accumulate a lot of bacteria, dust mites, bacteria and bed bugs.  

A person spends an average of 9 hours out of 24 each day in bed or lying on the mattress.

do you understand More than a quarter of our lives!

So how do you choose to live a quarter of your life, on a dirty mattress?

Or maybe on a clean, fresh mattress that smells great?

If you choose the second option, call us today. 

Our availability is usually two or three days. 

Cleaning mattresses lasts about an hour and then about 8-12 hours for complete drying. 

If you want to sleep in bed that day, it is advisable to order mattress cleaning no later than 2:00 p.m. and by doing so you will allow the mattress to dry until the evening hours.

Mattress cleaning - do you clean all types of beds and mattresses?

Yes, we offer cleaning services and neutralization of unpleasant odors for mattresses, youth beds and adjustable beds. 

What equipment do you use for cleaning mattresses? 

We clean the mattresses and beds with special machines that clean the American method by using a syringe and suction. 

Cleaning mattresses in a thorough way requires large amounts of water, so it is very important that the equipment you use be of high quality and powerful enough to pump back all the water from the mattress in order not to reach a situation where the mattress remains damp_cc781905-5c -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_for a few days instead of only half a day. 

In ninety percent of the cases, after professional mattress cleaning, you will be able to return to using it within about 8 to 12 hours from the end of the cleaning.

Will all the yellow stains disappear after professional mattress cleaning?

The answer is no, or at least not always. 

Whether the stains will disappear completely depends on the quality of the mattress and the nature of the stains.

As in everything, quality pays off, with higher quality mattresses the chance of removing all the stains is higher compared to simpler mattresses thanks to the quality of the fabrics.

The quality of the mattress does not always require that all the stains disappear, the mattresses are made of particularly sensitive fabrics  Even lying on the bed with damp hair after a shower will cause yellowing / browning. 

There are professional materials for treating brown spots, but they will not always solve the problem.

In youth beds the answer is yes, because they are made of the same upholstery as sofas and here the chance is over 90% that all the marks will disappear after professional mattress cleaning.

ניקוי מזרונים

Before professional mattress cleaning

ניקוי מזרונים

After professional mattress cleaning

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Why choose Zeus for cleaning?Mattresses or your bed? 

Beyond the high-quality equipment, the materials that will protect your health and serve tolerantlyWe promise results!

Also we  give responsibility for every job and a big smile before everything.

Another professional promised to whiten the mattress for us and remove all the brown spots with bleach, is this acceptable

The answer is no, cleaning mattresses with bleach is strictly prohibited. The prohibition.

First of all it is dangerous for your health, bleach vapors can cause skin burns, damage to vision and respiratory tract. 

Beyond the health danger, there is also a danger of absorbing the mattress and the padding itself.

The damage done cannot be noticed immediately after cleaning, but it will begin to show signs over time such as dents or tears in the mattress.

What materials do you use for cleaning mattresses at the customer's home? 

We perform professional mattress cleaning with materials created specifically for this purpose  The purpose of which is to disinfect, neutralize unpleasant odors and of course

ניקוי מזרונים
ניקוי מזרונים

The child defecated on the mattress. Is there a way to clean and eliminate the urine odors?

The answer is yes, about 70% of the inquiries we receive for Mattress cleaning or beds are due to accidents of this type. 

We cannot guarantee to eliminate the brown spots caused by the urine itself in all cases. 

But the mattress will be completely clean and without bacteria. 

After cleaning the mattress from all sides in a thorough and uniform manner, we spray an odor neutralizing agent created especially for cases of this type. 

Recently I feel itching during the night while sleeping in bed, is there a way to solve the problem?

Itching while sleeping is caused in the vast majority of cases by bed bugs or dust mites.

You should immediately contact a professional as soon as possible to solve the problem and to prevent the spread of bed bugs in all areas of the house. 

The treatment is very simple, after cleaning mattresses we spray the mattress with substances that will eliminate both bed bugs and dust mites.

ניקוי מזרונים מחיר

Studies state that we spend 30% of our entire lives sleeping, this is the main reason why we must make sure that the mattress we or our loved ones sleep on is always clean and sterile, here the health issue plays a real role. Among our customers there are many people who turn to us because of sleeping difficulties caused by inhaling dust or bad smells caused by accidents or as a result of the accumulation of a lot of dust.

Compared to the sofas and carpets, the mattresses are much more difficult to clean without the help of a professional.

Cleaning mattresses is a necessary action to maintain the mattress for a long time.

Once every three months make sure to turn the mattress and on that occasion it is highly recommended to vacuum it from all directions.

Be careful to be extra gentle during vacuuming because the mattress fabrics are much more sensitive than hard fabrics such as those of the living room sofas.

Be sure to professionally clean mattresses at least once a year.

Another thing that can help keep the mattress clean and fresh is to put more than one layer of bedding.

Unfortunately, we all know that there are children or animals at home and from time to time there are accidents on the mattresses.

What you need to do is try and absorb as much of the urine as possible with a towel.

Keep in mind that in this case it is necessary to invite a professional such asZeus cleaning sofas and carpets  in order to address the problem immediately.

The odors will not disappear until the mattress undergoes a deep wash using steam and vacuuming, all the materials sold in the supermarket will not help in such a case for the simple reason that they all work by applying, as soon as you apply a certain material into the upholstery, it may give a feeling of cleanliness in the upper part of the mattress, but it is not really will solve the problem.  mattress cleaning Professional cleaning is done by washing with steam and special materials and then massively vacuuming all the slime out of the mattress. This is actually the goal, to get the smell out of the mattress and not to penetrate it into the upholstery.

At the end of the work, we spray the mattress with a special material that we import from abroad in order to neutralize the odors completely and not just to perfume as many professionals in the field do.

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