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Cleaning and drying carpets after flooding

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What services do you provide after water and fire damage?

Flooding is quite a headache, if God forbid you find yourself in such a situation, we at Zeus Clean will be happy to provide you with a service. 

What services do we provide? 

Drying carpets after flooding

Carpet cleaning after flooding

Odor neutralization after flooding 

Drying sofas after flooding 

Cleaning sofas after flooding

Pumping floods and drying carpets and upholstery after flooding: 

Pumping overflows from carpets from wall to wall, then washing with shampoo and water pressure with injection and suction. 

After vacuuming and cleaning, spray the carpets with an odor neutralizing and antibacterial disinfectant. 

The last step is renting carpet dryers for 24 hours in order to dry the carpets and the room space. 

We collect portable carpets for thorough cleaning at the factory and they  will return to you after about 7 business days clean and smelling no less than excellent.

Sofas, armchairs, chairs, beds and mattresses can be cleaned and renewed on the spot. 

Vehicles after water damage as a result of rainwater that penetrated the vehicle, etc. are also treated immediately and on the spot. 

The process is pumping out the residual water, cleaning with injection and suction, and then spraying with a substance that neutralizes odors and prevents the spread of mold stains.

Pumping water after flooding:

Thanks to the equipment and experience we have gained over the years, today we can pump water in large quantities from all types of areas, from the smallest warehouse to offices with hundreds of meters or large shelters. 

Also under wooden or stone floors.

Eliminating unpleasant odors 

mold cleaning 

Drying spaces 

and general cleaning of all types of spaces after water damage.

After fire damage we can provide the following services:

Cleaning, disinfection and elimination of unpleasant odors and soot residues from: 

Sofas, carpets, mattresses, dining room chairs, wall-to-wall carpets and more. 

Cleaning curtainsIn our factory including disassembly and assembly, from the day of collection we undertake to return and install your curtains within 7 business days. 

Collection of carpets for cleaning, disinfection and elimination of soot odors in our factory. 

Laundry and dry cleaning services for all clothes in your home including collection and return. 

Cleaning and removing soot from stone and wood walls and floors. 

Paint work and washing with water and steam pressure to remove soot from internal and external walls and any other space that has been damaged as a result of fire damage.

We hope that you will never need these services, but if necessary or if you did not find his service you need after water or fire damage, we invite you

Contact us and we will be more than happy to be at your disposal and find an appropriate and professional solution to your problem. 

Cleaning carpets after flooding - drying carpets after flooding How much does it cost? 

Since it is a different and more complex treatment compared to regular cleaning, we are unable to write a global price for everyone, since it varies in each case.

For a quote, you are welcome to contact us today.

The service is provided nationwide and in case of emergency you can contact us 24/7.


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