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Cleaning sofas by environmentally friendly materials only!

During  the years in which we have been engaged in cleaning sofas and carpets, we have come across countless methods, professionals and materials related to the subject. 

We at Zeus, as well as the other serious companies in the field, use environmentally friendly materials without any chemicals.  

Chemical substances such as acetone, acids, salt water, oxygen, etc. may damage the health of those who clean, those who sit on the sofas afterward, and the most serious and dangerous is exposure to these substances for toddlers and animals.  

The vulnerabilities can be in our vision, respiratory tract and skin.  

In addition to harming health, using these materials causes irreversible damage to home furniture. 

Damages such as color fading, disintegration of the sponge, tears, paint flaking and cracks in leather sofas.  

That's why when you choose a professionalfor cleaning the sofasYours should carefully check which materials he intends to use during the cleaning.  

There are professionals who clean mattresses with bleach just to try to whiten the mattress and not really clean it, the results are indeed impressive but the damage is irreversible.  

There are professionals who clean sofas and carpets with materials whose purpose is generally for industrial cleaning of kitchens, medical equipment, tiles and floors.  

These substances have a very powerful effect, but they are not intended for cleaning upholstery and sometimes they do not clean at all, they just oxidize the color of the sofa.

If you want your furniture to come out clean and not to cause any damage, you need to understand that in most cases washing with water pressure, special shampoo and vacuuming will remove every stain, but sometimes a situation can happen where it is not possible to remove everything.

Sometimes there are things that cause damage to the fabric and not much can be done about it, the furniture will be clean, smell good without dust and most importantly without the credit of the dust but it is not always possible to eliminate all the stains 100%. 

Our tip is to simply coordinate expectations with the professional before starting the work and that way everyone will be satisfied at the end of the process.  

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