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Cleaning leather sofas

Cleaning professional leather sofas easily and quickly 

Cleaning leather sofas is not an easy task at all. 
Have you invested the best of your money in a luxury skin salon and you simply have trouble maintaining them? 
There is no need to despair, we receive this kind of messages on a daily basis from customers who are looking for a professional solution for cleaning leather sofas. 

Leather sofas are classic, elegant and modern design furniture that we use on a daily basis.
As beautiful as they are, they also wear out and get dirty to the same extent. 
Cleaning leather sofas can be done independently once every two weeks, but once every six months, we recommend that you order a company that specializes in providing a service for cleaning leather sofas. 
Regular maintenance for date leather sofas will help you preserve the sofas for many years to come. 

ניקוי ספות עור
ניקוי ספות עור

Cleaning Ook sofas from ink stains - is it possible? 

Very much depends on the type of skin, the type of ink and how long it has been since it happened. 
This is not an easy task at all, but there are certainly cases in which we manage to remove the ink stains completely. 

Cleaning industrial leather / imitation leather sofas can be cleaned as well? 

Certainly, the treatment is similar to the treatment of cleaning real leather sofas, only in leather-like living rooms the chance that we will succeed in cleaning without causing damage is lower. 

When is it recommended to clean leather sofas? 

Since it is an extremely short drying process, leather sofas can be cleaned in all seasons.

Removing an unpleasant smell from leather sofas is it possible?

Certainly by performing a thorough cleaning in ninety percent of the cases we will also get rid of the unpleasant odors. 

Cleaning absorbent leather sofas / nubuck leather is it possible? 

Unfortunately no, nubuck leather / absorbent leather sofas for Timberland shoes are not resistant to liquids and detergents, so we cannot clean them. 

How far in advance do you have to order leather sofa cleaning?

Our availability is about two or three days and in urgent cases we can also arrive overnight if that is possible. 

How do you get a quote for cleaning leather sofas? 

Very simple, take a picture of the sofas and send us the picture via WhatsApp or email. 

Cleaning leather sofas Can cracks and tears be removed? 

The service of cleaning leather sofas is what it is and it is intended only for cleaning and preserving sofas, if your living room suffers from tears and cracks you need the service of renewing leather sofas. 

Do you have any questions regarding the service of cleaning leather sofas?

Want to get a quote? 

Contact us today and we at Zeus Clean will be happy to give you service at any time.

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Tips for regularly cleaning leather sofas!

Our recommendation is to maintain the sofas regularly by a short treatment and judge once every two or three weeks. 
So how do you clean leather sofas independently. 
Very simply, once a fortnight wipe your leather sofas with a damp cloth and after complete drying apply a nutrient for leather sofas which will give them the necessary protection and prevent them from accumulating cracks, explosions and peeling. 

Cleaning leather sofas what not to do! 

Under no circumstances should you clean the sofas with bleach, the wonder sponge or a coarse brush. 
Cleaning leather sofas is not an easy job and it is important to perform it correctly in order not to cause irreversible damage. 
Using one of the methods mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph will cause irreversible damage, at first it seems that everything is fine and it works, but you will trade the protective layer of the sofas. 
Many people clean leather sofas with these methods and then do not understand why their sofas accumulate cracks and explosions. 
See you have been warned! 

Like our skin, the skin on our sofas is also extremely sensitive and should be treated accordingly. 

Professional leather sofa cleaning price! 

The price varies according to the type of leather, the size of the sofa and its condition. 
In general, the prices for a professional leather sofa cleaning service can range from one hundred to one hundred and fifty shekels, including the application of a protective layer for the leather. 

Cleaning leather sofas, how much marker does it take?

For the purpose of the example, professional cleaning of leather sofas for a five-seater living room requires on average between an hour and an hour and a half. 

After cleaning leather sofas, how soon can you return to using the sofas? 
Unlike fabric sofas, after professional leather sofa cleaning, you can return to sitting on your clean sofas within half an hour to an hour. 
You can also sit on them immediately, but it is advisable to let the protective layer heal. 

Cleaning leather sofas, how do you do it right? 

If necessary, first vacuum the sofas and especially all the grooves. 
In the second step, an inspection must be carried out in a hidden corner to check whether the sofas will not be damaged as a result of a professional leather sofa cleaning process. 
If everything is fine, we will start the craft. 

Professional leather sofa cleaning is done manually, unlike cleaning fabric sofas. 

We at Zeus Clean use a professional material that is produced in steam for cleaning leather sofas with balanced acidity (ph7). 
We scrub the skin with a fine brush made of horse hair. 
And all the dirt that we scrub from the sofas we wipe with the help of extremely fine microfiber cloths with high absorbency. 
After performing a thorough cleaning of leather sofas, we wait for the sofas to dry completely and immediately after that we apply a nutrient to the leather. 


ניקוי ספות עור
ניקוי ספות עור
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