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Cleaning sofas The dust mite!

Many of our customers who order the service ofCleaning sofasorCarpet cleaningThey do not understand how important it is to clean the furniture at home regularly at least twice a year, not only for the appearance of the sofa but to take care of the dust mite, a small microscopic production that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

This production mainly likes areas in the house such as carpets, sofas and mattresses.

The dust mite feeds mainly on dead skin cells of humans or animals.

It is very dangerous for dust allergy sufferers and asthmatics, of course it is mainly dangerous for people with a weak immune system such as babies or older people.

Over the years in the United States they did a lot of research on the subject of dust mites and in them they discovered that in every 4 out of 5 houses dust mite bacteria were found in at least one piece of furniture in the house.

Is the dust credit so dangerous for everyone? The answer is no, but as long as you do not know for sure whether you are allergic to this product or not, we recommend not waiting or living with it in your home.

Studies done in the United States found that about 18% of Ocholasia are allergic to dust mites, and another problem besides allergies is the fact that these products are also dangerous for our respiratory tract.

Dust mites accumulate mainly in mattresses, they like warm and humid conditions and that's where they mainly breed.

How to prevent the culture of dust mites in my house? First of all, ventilate the bedroom, maintain low humidity in the room, change and wash the bedding once a week, clean the mattress at least once a year with professional deep cleaning, and then you can season it with a special cover for mattresses to block future access of the dust mite to the mattress fibers.

howA professional companyToMattress cleaningWill you clean my mattress or the sofas and carpets in the house from the dust mites?

We have been involved in the field for many years and over the years we have gained a lot of experience on the subject and of course we have learned which materials are the most effective for treating the problem and also which are the most correct cleaning techniques.

First of all, we vacuum the mattress with a dry vacuum.

In the second step, we inject into the mattress water at a very high temperature and a special substance intended for cleaning mattresses, which also includes a disinfectant.

After that, scrub the entire mattress well to break up all the dirt from the fabric fibers.

After the scrubbing step, we start washing the mattress with clean water and of course vacuum it all out with a powerful vacuum cleaner that manages to pump back with all the dirt as well as about 95% of the water we injected into the mattress and that way we will actually get a very quick drying.

At the end of the process, after washing the mattress several times, we spray a substance that neutralizes unpleasant odors and then simply let it dry completely for about 5 hours.

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