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Carpet cleaning  at the customer's home

How often do you recommend cleaning the carpets?

How long does the work and drying process last? 

What is your availability?


We recommend cleaning the carpets at least twice a year, not only from the visual point of view  but also from the health point of view.

Try to imagine a white towel that you place all year round in the center of your home, how will it look after a few months of the dust in the air and the soot entering the house?

Black from black, that's the exact answer but 

If there are animals, small children or many guests at home 

This is already  causing a serious build-up of bacteria and fungi.

Carpets tend to absorb the dirt inside and at first glance they may be clean but trust us that every time we will surprise you with the results and the methods in which we clean the carpets on the spot immediately at the end of the job you will see the black water that we pumped out of them into our machine.

The average work time for cleaning a regular living room carpet lasts about an hour and after therefore 6-7 waiting hours for complete drying.

Carpet cleaning at the factory are returned to the customer within 7 business days maximum, packaged and perfumed. 

Our availability varies according to where you live, but usually it is about two or three days. 

In emergency cases of flooding, for example, we offer our customers immediate service from now to now. 

Do you clean all types of carpets? 

Indeed, we offer our customers a carpet cleaning service

Of all types and sizes, from small living room rugs to carpets

Wall to wall in offices or hotels with areas of thousands of meters.

There are many types of carpets on the market such as: simple synthetic carpets, shaggy carpets, woolen carpets, Persian carpets, silk ,

Handmade and machine made afghans.

Over the years we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the field and as a result we are able to provide you with the best service while ensuring perfect cleaning results and without causing damage to your carpets. 

What equipment do you use to clean the carpets? 

We work with the American method which is basically cleaning by injection and suction. 

But the equipment we will use varies in each case according to the type of carpet. 

There are regular carpets that can be cleaned at the customer's home on the spot.

And there are carpets such as woolen carpets, silk Persians, etc. 

Those who need cleaning at our factory, let them go through a different cleaning process whose purpose is to prevent color bleeding in the carpet, tears, and many other types of damage that may be caused as a result of improper treatment of the carpet. 

ניקו שטיח לפני

Carpet before cleaning.

What materials do you use to clean the carpets? 

All our materials come from countries like Germany, Italy and especially from the United States. 

These materials are of very high quality and have been tested according to international standards. 

There is no general material that provides a solution for all carpets, therefore the type of material and the method of work must be adjusted according to the type of carpet and by this we will reach a maximum cleaning result without causing damage to your carpet.

ניקוי שטיח צמר אחרי

Carpet after thorough cleaning by Zeus Clean

So why choose Zeus for cleaning?

Your carpets? 

With us you will receive reliable, professional service and a wide smile 24/7/365

days in a year. 

Free demonstration and quote without obligation on your part.

Responsibility for all work.

Commitment to the result: we did not clean, you did not pay!! 

The steps of cleaning!

  • Thorough dry vacuuming of the carpet if necessary.

  • Identifying stains and spraying them with stain removers.

  • Water pressure washing and professional material for cleaning carpets.

  • Thorough scrubbing to separate the dirt from the carpet.

  • Suction of all the dirt and cleaning agents from the carpet fibers.

  • Washing the carpet with a color stabilizer and pumping out the water.

ניקוי שטיחים מקיר לקיר

Cleaning carpets, why is it important to observe periodic cleaning?!


Clinical tests prove that cleaning carpets and upholstery by steam washing and vacuuming reduces the level of microorganisms by 92.5% on average. These tests compare the level of bacteria, yeast and mold remaining in carpet and upholstery  before and after cleaning.

One of the most common phenomena in unclean carpets is the accumulation of dust mites ​!

Of course, we can and should maintain the carpets ourselves, by vacuuming the carpets at least once a week, we recommend vacuuming the

the carpet from all directions because most home vacuum cleaners do not have a really strong suction, you should also use a hard brush or maybe even a broom to pick up and separate the carpet hairs that tend to stick to each other.

Another option is to occasionally turn the carpet over for a few minutes and let the children jump on it :-), this action will help you remove the dirt that has accumulated in the depth of the carpet as well as a lot of sand and unwanted treasures.

The Zeus company has been specializing in providing carpet cleaning services for about 7 years, in which we have gained a lot of knowledge and skill.

We use only pure natural materials, it is very important to be careful about the issue when you choose a professional to clean the carpets in your home in order to prevent damage from your child or your animals.

We carry out the cleaning by several steps, the first thing is vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner with 3 extremely powerful motors.

After that, we inject hot water and materials by steam into the carpets, scrubbing, to soften the dirt

Then all the dirt is pumped out. Finally, we perform additional washings with clean water and once again we pump out all the water that we introduced into the carpet. It is important to note that the carpet does not remain soaked in water at the end of the work, so there is no need to fear for its safety.

We pump ninety-five percent of the water we put into it back and it stays moist for a few hours.

It is highly recommended not to walk on the carpet until it is completely dry.

People usually neglect the care of the carpets in their home or they clean them very infrequently, which causes the carpet to lose its beauty, accumulate a lot of dirt and bacteria and worst of all dust in large quantities.

ניקוי שטיחים מחיר
ניקוי שטיחים

Carpet cleaning at the customer's home


Every home and office in Israel has at least one carpet. Carpets have many roles in our lives, they are used to heat the house in the winter, they act as a buffer between us and the cold floor, in offices and condominiums they are used as noise absorbers, but mainly the carpets are used as a unique design item that gives the house character and infuses us with a warm homely atmosphere. Carpet cleaning varies according to the type of carpet. There are many types of carpets, from industrial carpets sold by the meter, to hand-woven carpets that are considered works of art of great value.

As an item that is mostly on the floor (or on the walls) when completely exposed, and unlike other design and furniture items, the rug is a very dynamic item. We step on it with our shoes full of dirt and dust. We sit our children on it when they want to eat a snack or ice cream in front of the TV. This behavior causes the carpets to accumulate a lot of dirt. In some cases, these are noticeable stains or crumbs, but in most cases, these are dust particles and bacteria that are not visible to the eye, but they greatly affect the shine and general appearance of the carpets.


Moreover, in cases where the house is located on main thoroughfares and streets, the soot coming from the cars and the dust from the street are also absorbed by the carpets, and beyond the visual damage to the appearance of the carpets, this is a serious sanitary hazard that may cause breathing problems in children and adults alike, so it is important to constantly take care of cleaning carpets Permanent at home and in the office.  

There are many methodsCarpet cleaning, the most well-known and common of which is the use of a household vacuum cleaner, this is a good method, but unfortunately it is not good for cleaning food or paint stains, and in many cases the power of the household vacuum cleaner is not enough to suck up all the soot dust particles that are under the hairs of the carpet, nor the The dangerous dust mite bacteria. Another method of carpet cleaning is the use of chemical substances designated for cleaning carpets. These materials are usually sold in the toiletry and pharmacy stores, although they are effective in some cases, but they are also not able to give us a complete solution, especially in the cases of delicate and expensive carpets that should not be cleaned with chemical substances and in the cases of wall-to-wall carpets that are in rooms that are difficult to access.

To ensure complete cleaning and disinfection of all the carpets in the house, it is recommended to order once a year a company that offers carpet cleaning to these companies special professional equipment for cleaning carpets   operated by air pressure and steam, in addition, these companies have special and gentle cleaning agents Let them restore the shine and remove even the toughest stains from the carpets, and keep away from them all the soot and dust, animal hair, bacteria and more.

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