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Cleaning youth beds

Cleaning youth bedsIt is an integral part of home maintenance and is even one of the things that must be taken care of regularly at least once a year. 
Imagine how a towel on which we lie every day for about 8-10 hours for several good years will look! 
The towel will be dirty, soaked in dust, pollutants, allergens and dust mites.
Just like a towel, our youth beds also have a tendency to absorb all the pollutants into the fabric fibers and the only way to get rid of everything is with the help of a thorough deep cleaning of youth beds with the help of professional equipment and suitable materials.

Thoroughly cleaning youth beds every six months or a year will guarantee your household members a better sleep and also a healthier sleep without pollutants and allergens. 
Unfortunately, many customers contact us only after they have developed a certain allergy due to the pollutants that have accumulated in the fabric fibers on the bed, some of them suffer from itching, difficulty breathing and all that comes with it. 





The constant phrase that we regularly hear after our cleaning is "If we had known before, we would have invited you in advance" 

Our beds look clean and do not need to remove tough stains, why clean once a year? 

The goal in cleaning beds is to remove pollutants and allergens, not always to remove tough stains. 
Dust mites, bacteria and other pollutants are not visible, so it is important not to neglect and clean the beds regularly. 

At the end of the process of cleaning youth beds, you will be surprised to see all the dirt that we suck out of your beds, even from furniture that looks clean on the upper surface.

How long does the process of cleaning youth beds require? 

The times vary according to the type of fabric, the structure of the bed and the level of dirt. The average time is about 45 minutes.

How soon will the bed be ashamed after the process of cleaning teenage beds? 

Drying times vary according to the types of fabrics and the amount of water required to reach the maximum result, on average drying times are between 8 and 12 hours. 
Thanks to the advanced technology with which we clean the beds, we were able to significantly reduce drying times. 
We always suggest to our customers to coordinateCleaning youth bedsand mattresses for the morning or early afternoon at the latest to allow enough drying time to allow them to sleep on the bed that evening. 

We had a small accident and the bed smells unpleasant as a result of urine, is there a way to treat it? 
Absolutely yes, that's exactly what we're here for. 
In addition to deep cleaning, we remove unpleasant odors with the help of a professional odor neutralizing agent.


We have mold on the bed, can we take care of it? 

The answer is yes, we will clean thoroughly and with the help of suitable materials and a correct work method we will be able to remove the mold from the surface and prevent it from continuing to spread to the rest of the bed. 
It should be taken into account that sometimes as a result of mold damage small marks may remain which we will not be able to remove because it has already become irreversible damage that has damaged the color or the fibers of the fabric itself. 

What are the correct steps in the process of cleaning teenage beds? 

In the first step we thoroughly vacuum all the dust. 
After that we spray a mattress cleaner to soften the dirt. 
In the third step, we scrub the entire bed with a silicone brush to separate the dirt from the fabric fibers. 
In the next step, we wash using the method of priming and suction of hot water. 
And finally, spray all parts of the bed with an odor neutralizing agent.

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