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Stain-repellent material for sofas, carpets and mattresses!

חומר דוחה כתמים לספות
חומר דוחה כתמים לספות

How much does it cost to treat a stain repellent for sofas and how is it priced? 

The price varies according to the type of fabric and the size of the living room.  

How much does stain repellent for carpets cost and how is it priced? 

Similar to the sofas, the price is priced according to the size of the carpet and its type of fibers. 


Stain-repellent material for leather sofas is this also suitable? 

No, the material is not suitable for fabric sofas, but you can ask our representatives about nano-coating for leather seats

New at Zeus Clean, stain repellent material for sofas, carpets, mattresses and car upholstery.

The material we work with is imported directly from England and it comes to us from one of the leading companies in the international market.

The company has been specializing for years in the production and distribution of cleaning materials for cleaning carpets and upholstery.

Stain repellent for sofas, how does it work?

The material we spray on your sofas protects against color fading, strengthens the color of your upholstery or carpets, repels stains, repels liquids and prevents your furniture from absorbing dirt of all kinds.

As soon as we spread the material on the desired area, it simply covers the fabric fibers with a protective layer that cannot be seen, and as a result, it produces maximum protection to the depth of the fibers and not just on the top surface.

Stain repellent material for sofas - is this material dangerous?

Definately not ! The material is completely natural, it cannot be felt, it cannot be smelled, it cannot be seen and it cannot be smelled.

The material also does not change the texture of the fabric, so there are no disadvantages, only advantages!!! Stain repellent is not harmful or dangerous to babies, adults, animals or those who suffer from allergies.

After spraying a stain repellent for sofas  it must be allowed to dry for about 5-6 hours and then you can return to your routine and use your clean and protected furniture without fear of it getting dirty again.

It happened and you spilled a cup of coffee on the couch that we covered with a protective agent?

Don't panic, all you have to do is with absorbent paper or a dry cloth. Place the absorbent paper on the place where the liquids were spilled and with the help of a few clicks we absorb all the liquids into the absorbent paper.

Stain-repellent material for sofas - how do you know which fabric it is suitable for?

For all types of fabrics!!! A stain-repelling protective agent can be sprayed on sofas, armchairs, youth beds, mattresses, car upholstery, carpets and curtains made of textiles.

It is not possible to spray on leather, plastic, metal and wood.

Do you sell stain repellent for sofas ?

Not at the moment, the treatment must be done in a very uniform and strict manner in order not to cause a situation of areas not covered by the sofa. If you are interested in treating your furniture with a stain repellent, that is exactly what we are here for.

The material is not effective on unclean surfaces, because of the layer of dirt, the active material cannot penetrate deep into the fibers to produce the protective layer.

We only spray onClean couches! It can suit those who have just purchased a living room or any other textile furniture.

Even with new furniture, they should be vacuumed from residual dust before spraying a stain-repellent material on the sofas.

The second option is to spray a protective agent after the cleaning we perform.

At the end of the cleaning, we spray an even layer of active material, sprinkle it on the skin with a brush, and then let the furniture dry for about 5-6 hours.

So if you are also tired of hard stains, loss of colors and the expenses involved in maintaining your furniture, this is definitely the best solution.

Please note, sofas protected with a stain-repellent material must be cleaned once every three years, unlike unprotected sofas, which must be cleaned once a year and in some cases twice a year.

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