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Carpet cleaning in Tel Aviv

Carpet cleaning in Tel Aviv is the perfect solution for those who are tired of all the dust, stains, crumbs and unpleasant smells that the carpets in their home or office have absorbed. 


There is no reason to change a carpet once a year and there is no reason to live with all the pollutants in the house, all you have to do is use the services of a company that provides a carpet cleaning service in Tel Aviv.

Professional carpet cleaning can be done both at the customer's home and at a carpet cleaning factory. 

The final result will be the same no matter which method you choose. 

When do you send to the factory? 

If it is a delicate handmade carpet or extra thick carpets. 

Carpets of this type need a little more complex and gentle cleaning, so the cleaning is done in the factory, also in the carpet cleaning factory there are also professional drying rooms. 


Carpet cleaning in Tel Aviv - how long does it take? 


Cleaning an average living room carpet of 2*3 square meters in the customer's home can be done in less than an hour and then the carpet must be allowed to dry for half a day to twenty-four hours after cleaning. 

On hot summer days, the carpet can dry even within three or four hours if our team can hang it on a horseshoe or spread it in the yard. 


Carpet cleaning at the Dor factory between five and seven business days from the moment the carpet is collected from your home. 

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Cleaning carpets in Tel Aviv from animal urine stains and smells is something you also do? 


Definitely beyond thorough cleaning, we at Zeus Clean also specialize in removing hard water and unpleasant odors by using professional equipment and materials from the world of carpet cleaning. 

Of course, it must be taken into account that there are difficult cases in which it is not possible to remove all the stains, since urine is an acidic substance that may cause irreversible damage beyond just a stain that can be removed. 

To avoid this in the event of an accident, do not postpone the cleaning, call a professional as soon as possible. 


How much does carpet cleaning cost in Tel Aviv? 


Professional carpet cleaning in a factory will cost between fifty and ninety shekels per square meter. 

Carpet cleaning at the customer's home will cost between thirty and ninety shekels per square meter.  

Carpet cleaning from wall to wall For a home or an office can range from nine to eighty shekels per square meter. 


The prices vary according to the type of carpet, its condition and of course the size. 

The larger the carpets, the lower the cleaning price. 


The easiest and most simple thing is to take photos of your carpets and send us the photos along with the measurements and by doing so you can immediately receive a professional quote for carpet cleaning in Tel Aviv.


How often should professional carpet cleaning be performed? 


Our recommendation is to perform a thorough cleaning of the carpet at least once a year and even twice a year, even in the absence of hard stains, it is advisable to perform a thorough cleaning with high frequency. 

Periodic cleaning will preserve the quality of the carpet for many years and also preserve the health of those who live in the house or work in the same office. 

The carpets absorb a lot of pollutants, dust, bacteria and are also incubators for dust mites, so it is desirable and important to keep them clean all the time. 


In addition to the service of cleaning carpets in Tel Aviv, we at Zeus Clean also provide a service ofCarpet repair, sewing new fringes and repairing faded colors. 


For a quote and additional information, we invite you to contact us today.  

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