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 How to remove stains from sofas  

ניקוי ספה מבד כותנה
איך להסיר כתמים מהספות
איך להסיר כתמים מהספות

Every day we encounter this question over and over again, how do you clean the sofas? 

Or how to remove stains from the sofas ?

So the options are very simple, if your sofa is brand new or if it is in really good condition in terms of cleanliness, then this problem can be solved in a very simple way.  

If, for example, you spilled a drinking glass or ketchup on the seat, you can very simply mix a little dish soap with water in a bowl or plastic container. 

Mix well and then use the foam that forms above the water in a bowl.  

Take a clean towel and some of the foam that has formed and simply rub the affected area.


After you have scrubbed with a little foam, repeat the same operation, only this time with only a little clean water. 

The last step is drying the place, all you have to do is absorb the moisture that was created with a clean and dry towel by rubbing and pressing the place where you cleaned.


Another simple and quick method for drying is to take a hair dryer or any hair dryer and direct it to the wet spot on the sofa, of course on medium heat and from a distance of 20 cm   so as not to damage the quality of the fabric. 


Of course, this method is only valid for an emergency or spot treatment only.

If your sofa has absorbed several stains over time, you must call a professional company that deals in the field. 

There are many companies in the market today because it is a completely broken market, there are many diggers who work with environmentally unfriendly materials that may harm the quality of the sofa or even the health of the household members.

A reputable company that deals in the field always has in its possession kits of environmentally friendly materials that can be used to treat almost any problem such as: removing mold from a sofa, treating unpleasant odors,Cleaning sofasink and oil stains, etc.  

We at Zeus have gained a lot of experience in the field and we are sure that we can treat 99% of the stains as long as it is dirt and not damage caused to the sofa such as fading or damage to the color. Contact us We we will be happy to answer for you at any time.  

Removing coffee stains - how to remove coffee stains from sofas? 

If you spill coffee on any piece of furniture such as a sofa, carpet, chair or mattress, you will have to contact a professional provider of professional upholstery cleaning services. 

It should be taken into account that with natural fabrics the chance of removing stains of this type is significantly smaller than with synthetic fabric sofas.

Removing urine stains from sofas - how to remove stains from sofas caused by urine or feces? 

Since we are talking about acidic stains, you will have to hire a professional company that specializes in the subject. 

How to remove stains from sofas caused by chewing gum or slime? 

Try to use a cloth dipped in boiling water as a first solution in an emergency and the children spread slime or stick gum on the couches. 

How to remove stains from leather sofas caused by marker? 

Try to use a clean cloth with a little warm water, if it doesn't work, contact a company that provides leather sofa cleaning services. 

In no way try to use bleach, bleach, vinegar and the miracle sponge because they will cause irreversible damage to your sofas.

Removing marker stains from couches - how do you remove stains from couches that the children drew with a marker? 

If you are dealing with synthetic fabric sofas, simply dip a clean towel into a bowl of boiling water (about half a liter mixed with a teaspoon of dish soap) and try to absorb the stain. 

Remember not to wink and rub because it will only spread the stain.

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How do we perform the cleaning?

First of all, we examine the type of fabric, then do a small test and demonstration so that you understand what level of cleanliness can be reached.

If the fabric reacts well and we see that it can be cleaned without damaging it, we get to work.


We start by vacuuming the entire sofa, after we finish vacuuming we inject hot water and substances into the sofas to soften the dirt that becomes very hard during the time it has accumulated.

Scrub everything and then pump all the dirty water into our device.

Finally, we perform several more washes with clean water until the most optimal result that can be achieved is obtained.

At the end of the work, the sofas remain damp for only a few hours, they are not soaked in water because we pump ninety percent of the water we used to clean, if the living room was not really dirty the drying time is about three hours, if the living room was in a more difficult condition then it may remain damp for about half a day Because its cleaning requires a larger amount of water.

Cleaning sofas is a necessary thing in every home, the costs are definitely reasonable compared to the results obtained after the work of a professional who specializes in cleaning sofas.

איך להסיר כתמים מהספות
איך להסיר כתמים מהספות
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