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How to identify diggers in cleaning sofas and carpets?!

ניקוי ספות מקצועי

Many customers contact us and ask us how it is really possible to differentiate between a quarryman and a professional or a high-quality company in the fieldCleaning sofas and carpets.

As everyone knows, the field of cleaning services in Israel is completely hacked and unfortunately any person can buy a mop and a broom and define himself as a professional. 
Especially nowadays in the age of the Internet it is very simple to build a website and advertise the business in the first place in the search engines by publishing a sponsored ad,
As a result, we can learn that the location of the business in the search engines does not always reflect on a professional company with experience.  
Therefore, as a first recommendation, we recommend choosing a company that appears in the first places in the organic promotion and beyond that to do a Google search for the company's name and that way you can actually get more results from around the web about that company and see if there are any positive recommendations or those that would advise you to stay away._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_


Before you bring a professional from any field into your home, you must ask and check how many years of experience they have in the field in which they operate. .
Beyond the years of experience, check carefully how much the professional understands in his field, you will be surprised to hear that there are professionals who do not know the difference between a handmade carpet and a carpet

Regular .

There are professionals who do not know how to differentiate between the types of upholstery in sofas.
And believe us it is very critical, why? 
Very sorry, you don't want your Persian carpet to be cleaned with hot water or an unsuitable material, if this does happen you can say goodbye to it forever. 
Also, you wouldn't want someone to clean your leather sofas with a material intended for cleaning floors, you'll be surprised, but it happens a lot!

Equipment and materials 

Before you decide to order a service from one or another company, carefully check   which materials and machines they use. 
Ask what method they use to clean.  
Today, any professional who respects himself and his clients will come to you with a professional machine that cleans couches and carpets using the injection and suction method.  
On the phone you will hear plenty of stories and practicalities, but at the moment of truth you may open the door and see that the same professional has arrived with a bucket, some rags and a home upholstery cleaning machine which you can purchase yourself at any tool store for less than NIS 2000. 
Beyond the equipment, it is very important to carefully check what materials the company you have chosen uses.  
Apart from the health danger posed by the use of chemicals and toxic substances, there is a great danger of damaging your furniture. 
Many companies clean sofas with washing powder, mattresses with bleach and carpets with materials intended for cleaning floors.

Quality of service 

It doesn't matter how much money you pay to a professional , ten shekels or thousands of shekels. 
As soon as you let someone into your home and pay them the best of your money, you deserve the best without compromise.
Many customers tell us about unpleasant experiences with unpleasant professionals and sometimes also very blunt in their way of speaking.  
Not satisfied with the answer you received on the phone? 
It's not bad, there are dozens more professionals who will be happy to serve you.

In conclusion, some important points that you should ask the professional before inviting him to your home. 
1. How many years of experience does he have in the field and can he refer you to satisfied customers. 
2. What materials does he use?  
3. What equipment and cleaning method does he use. 
4. Is he ready to commit to the results and give a guarantee that no damage will be caused as a result of the cleaning procedure.
5. Is its price final or is there a chance of price jumps instead.  

Important points 

The professional claims that he has been involved in the field for many years, but his business does not even have a website. 
Cheap price over the phone, if you received an offer of NIS 350for cleaning a living roomof 3+2, you will definitely pay more because the price will jump on the spot or you will have to invite another professional who will have to repair the damages caused by Hafer.  
The price offer is the same for all types of carpets or sofas, there is no way that a serious professional will not carefully find out what type of material he should use without causing damage to your furniture. 

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