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How much does it cost to clean sofas?

One of the most common questions we encounter is how much does sofa cleaning cost? 

We will explain the prices later, first it is important to understand that the prices vary according to the type of fabric, the condition of the upholstery and of course the size of the living room. 

Another thing that may affect the price of cleaning is whether the sofa's cushions fall apart or not. 


If the sofa cushions fall apart, we clean each cushion separately, so we have more fabric to work on. 


How much does sofa cleaning cost and why does it differ from company to company? 


As in many other professions in Israel or anywhere in the world, there are price differences between different professionals. 

There are those who ask for a higher price because they use professional materials and equipment. 

There are those who work with household materials and equipment and also there are professionals who are more diggers than professionals and they try to lure new customers by cheap prices over the phone. 


When are you looking for a professional sofa cleaning company beyond the question of how much sofa cleaning costs? 

Check carefully who you invite to your home, nowadays it is quite simple to check details about the company by a simple search on the net. 


How much does it cost to clean sofas on Passover? 


There are companies that raise prices before Passover or Rosh Hashanah because of the high demand. 

We at Zeus Clean do not usually raise prices before the holidays or during busy periods of the year. 

In our opinion it is really unprofessional to do such a thing. 

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How much does it cost to clean fabric sofas? 


Cleaning fabric sofas can range from ninety to one hundred and fifty shekels per seat at most professional companies that deal with the job of cleaning upholstery. 


How much does it cost to clean sofas made of silk, cotton, impala and other natural fabrics? 


Natural fabrics need to be treated with different materials and also the work with this type of fabric is more complex for the professional, so in this type of cases the price will range from one hundred and twenty to one hundred and fifty shekels per seat. 


How much does it cost to clean sofas with unpleasant odors such as the smell of urine or cigarettes? 


In most cases, our thorough cleaning will also remove bad odors, in extreme cases of the smell of cigarette smoke, urine, etc., we charge an additional NIS 50-100 for the entire salon for the application of an active odor neutralizing agent. 


How much does it cost to clean leather sofas? 


Leather sofas are cleaned manually and not by a professional machine, so it is a much more difficult physical job and the prices accordingly. 

Most of the time the price will be the same as cleaning sofas made of natural fabric, that is between one hundred and twenty to one hundred and fifty shekels per seat. 

The price of cleaning leather sofas also includes coating with a protective material for the leather at the end of the job. 


How do you know how much it costs to clean sofas for a living room like yours? 


Very simple, all you have to do is take a picture of the sofa and send the picture to us via the email address that appears on the website, via WhatsApp or via an MMS message on your mobile. 


As soon as one of our representatives receives the photos, he will send you a quote immediately. 


No doubts, no price jump and no surprises. 

Just take a picture, send and receive a quote easily and quickly. 


In addition to cleaning sofas, we also provide a carpet cleaning service,Mattress cleaning,Cleaning dining room chairsand coating all types of upholstery and carpets with a professional stain-repellent material. 


For any additional questions or to receive a quote, do not hesitate to contact us today. 

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