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sofa cleaner

A professional sofa cleaner will arrive at your home equipped with a professional machine for cleaning sofas and carpets and professional materials for cleaning upholstery. 

The best and most common method is the American method of cleaning the upholstery by injection and suction. 

The process of cleaning sofas for a standard five-seater living room lasts about an hour to an hour and a half on average. 

Drying times after professional cleaning are about half a day to a full day in the worst case. 


If the sofa cleaner you order to your home does not arrive with a professional machine, you may be left with a wet living room for several days, so we always recommend asking all the questions mentioned above. 

Beyond long drying times, a situation may occur in which the living room will be completely destroyed because the water will damage the metal rails, springs or the wooden frame of the sofas 


Professional carpet cleaning is carried out using a method similar to cleaning sofas, only with the help of a longer handle adapted to carpets and, of course, materials adapted to cleaning carpets. 

Carpets with long fibers are usually cleaned at a carpet cleaning factory and not at the customer's home. 


How can I get a quote for cleaning sofas and carpets? 


All you have to do is take a picture of the carpet or the sofa and send us the picture. 

If you are looking for a professional and reliable sofa cleaner, we are more than happy to serve you as well. 

We have been in the field since 2006, over the years we have provided service to thousands of satisfied customers. 

You can watch our YouTube channel, Facebook page and even Instagram to get an impression of hundreds if not thousands of works we have done. 

Also read reviews about us on Google Maps. 


We promise to arrive on time, guarantee every job and uncompromising service. 


For a quote or more information contact us today. 

ניקוי ספות בהרצליה

The living room is full of stains and you are looking for a professional sofa cleaner? 

You have come to the right place, welcome to the website of Zeus Clean, a professional sofa and carpet cleaning company with 16 years of experience in Israel. 

In the following article we will answer all the questions related to choosing a professional sofa cleaner, the process of cleaning sofas at the customer's home and professional carpet cleaning. 


First of all, you should pay close attention to who you choose to bring into your home, as in any other field in Israel, you should do your homework before ordering a sofa cleaner for your home. 


Check if the company has a website and when it is active, check their Facebook page where you can get an impression of their work and customer reviews. 

Another very effective way is to watch the company's YouTube channel where you can get an impression of their way of working and see results without Photoshop. 


In the next step, ask for recommendations about the company from friends, relatives or even on your private Facebook. 


Another method to check what people think about a sofa cleaner is to read the reviews you have received from previous customers on their business page on Google Maps. 


Ask the right questions like: 

Is the price you receive on the phone a final price? 

Will a professional sofa cleaner or some subcontractor come to your home (many companies do this) 

What materials do they use and which company? 

What equipment and work method do they use? 

How many years have they been in the field? 

Do they guarantee any work? 


And as with choosing professionals from another field, don't be tempted by the cheapest price! 

There are many diggers and this is their method of capturing casual customers by offering a significantly cheaper price than the market price.

מנקה ספות
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