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Cleaning sofas in Givatayim

We all spend most of the day in the living room of the house, whether it's to read a book, watch a series on Netflix or just to entertain guests. 
Our sofas absorb dust, stains, unpleasant odors, bacteria and dust mites on a daily basis. 
It is possible to maintain the living room jointly to maintain the level of cleanliness, but at least once a year you will need a couch cleaning service in Givatayim in Keda to perform a thorough job. 

Cleaning sofas in Givatayim do it yourself. 

The simplest and easiest method is to perform thorough pumping at least once or twice a week. 
Avoid eating and drinking on sofas and in bright living rooms, avoid weeding with jeans or reading newspapers. 

Cleaning sofas in Givatayim in case of emergency 

Did you spill something on the sofa and you want to take care of it immediately? Get an easy and simple tip. 
In a bowl, mix warm water and a little dish soap or textile shampoo. 
Take a clean towel and soak one of its corners with the water and soap inside the bowl and then begin to clean the stain gently without applying right to left and up and down (this will cause the stain to spread) 

After that, take a clean and dry corner of the towel and try to wipe and absorb as much liquid as possible. 

Cleaning sofas in Givatayim - a professional company

We clean the sofas using a method called injection and suction, this method arrived in Israel more than twenty-five years ago from the United States. 

The work is done with the help of a professional machine which, on the one hand, injects hot water and a professional material for cleaning upholstery into the fibers of the fabric, and on the other hand, it pumps back the water and soap, including all the dirt. 

ניקוי ספות בגבעתיים
ניקוי ספות בגבעתיים
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ניקוי ספות בגבעתיים

After cleaning, we perform another rinse with clean water or a professional substance whose purpose is to neutralize the acidity of the water and shampoo. 

In the final stage we will spray a substance that neutralizes bad odors which will remain active for a few days, the substance is not just a perfume but an active substance that works by neutralizing all the bacteria that cause the smell. 

Cleaning sofas in Givatayim How much does it cost? 

There is no unequivocal answer for everyone since the prices vary according to the type of fabric, the condition of the sofas, their size and the honesty of the pillows. 
The prices are calculated per seat and range from ninety to one hundred and fifty shekels per seat.


How can I get a quote for a sofa cleaning service in Givatayim? 

Very simply, take a photo of your sofas that you would like us to clean for you and send the photo to us via WhatsApp or via our email address which you will find on the contact page. 
As soon as we receive the photos, one of us will get back to you with a professional quote and without any obligation on your part. 

How to choose a good company to perform sofa cleaning work in Givatayim?

As in many other areas in our country, this area is also completely hacked without control or supervision, therefore our recommendation is to check carefully who you choose to let into your home to perform the work. 

Do not be tempted by cheap prices and tempting offers from diggers because as soon as they arrive at your home, the prices change or the work you will receive will be at an amateur level which could destroy your furniture. 

Read reviews, ask for recommendations, demand to receive a price quote in writing at least on WhatsApp, ask about the materials and the work method! 

In short, do your homework before you invite a stranger into your home. 

In the area of cleaning sofas in Givatayim, the aspect of the equipment and materials is very critical in order to provide high level work without causing irreversible damage. 

There are people who work with dish soap and a wet vacuum that is sold for less than five hundred shekels in department stores and there are professionals who work with machines that cost tens of thousands of shekels. 
We assure you that the level of finish is not even close between the two cases.

Beyond the service of cleaning sofas in Givatayim, we also specialize in the application of a stain-repellent material for sofas that works by creating a transparent layer on the sofa. 

The layer cannot be distinguished in terms of appearance, touch or smell and it prevents the padding from absorbing liquids. 

For a quote, ask our representatives for a quote or more information regarding stain repellent for sofas. 

If you have more questions or to order a service, contact us as soon as possible and we will be happy to provide you with a service.

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