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Car upholstery cleaning in Tel Aviv

ניקוי ריפודים לרכב בתל אביב
ניקוי ריפודים לרכב בתל אביב

Car upholstery cleaning in Tel Aviv How much does it cost? 

The price varies according to the type of upholstery, their condition and according to the number of seats. 

You are welcome to visit our price list or contact us for a quote without obligation.

Cleaning car upholstery in Tel Aviv - drying times

If the upholstery is cleaned by professional equipment, it will dry within a period of four to eight hours from the end of the cleaning process.

Car upholstery cleaning in Tel Aviv How long is it advisable to book in advance?

Our availability is about two or three days. 

Looking for car upholstery cleaning in Tel Aviv?

You have come to the right place.

Our company provides car upholstery cleaning services in Tel Aviv since 2005.

Over the years we have accumulated enough knowledge and experience that allow us to provide our customers with the best and most efficient solution at affordable prices.

You ordered a cleaning and you are not satisfied with the result, don't worry, we will not charge you a fee. Without games and without small letters, we simply did not clean? You didn't pay!

Many people turn to us with a lot of hesitation because of unpleasant experiences they had in the past with diggers in the guise of professionals or after cleaning upholstery in a car wash that didn't exactly clean their upholstery and caused more serious damage.

Cleaning car upholstery in Tel Aviv using the wrong equipment and materials or by an unskilled professional or by a temporary worker working at a car wash is an opening to serious trouble. It is not possible to generalize all of them but unfortunately in most places this is the result that will be obtained.

Customers contact us and say that we cleaned their upholstery and they didn't dry even after three days, tears appeared in the fabric as a result of the cleaning process, they didn't really clean anything and even with cars full of mold as a result of an unprofessional car upholstery cleaning service in Tel Aviv.

Cleaning car upholstery in Tel Aviv, so how do you do it right?


In the first step, we thoroughly vacuum the entire interior of the vehicle with a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove dust, crumbs and other dry contaminants, then we inject hot water under pressure into the upholstery fibers along with a professional upholstery cleaning agent.

In the third step we will scrub the entire surface to separate the dirt from the upholstery fibers.

After that, we will treat the tough stains with professional stain removal materials.

After scrubbing the dirt and treating the tough stains, we will use a very powerful professional vacuum cleaner to vacuum all the dirt and water that we injected into the upholstery.

In the penultimate step we will perform another washing by injection and suction. Finally we will spray a substance that neutralizes unpleasant odors.

Stain repellent material for car seats after cleaning car upholstery in Tel Aviv

In addition to cleaning the upholstery, we can also perform a treatment using a stain repellent. We apply the material uniformly and in several layers on all parts of the upholstery to ensure a maximum result.

The material is completely transparent, does not change the texture of the fabric and cannot be distinguished at all. If you have small children who travel with you in the car on a daily basis, this is the ultimate solution for you. Vehicles without stain repellent treatment return to us for additional cleaning every six months to a year. Vehicles that have been treated with stain repellants arrive once a year and a half or even two years. Although the service is not cheap, it will provide you with an amazing solution and a lot of peace.

The process of cleaning car upholstery in Tel Aviv lasts on average between an hour and an hour and a half. The drying process after cleaning is about 6-7 hours, as much air circulation as possible such as open windows or an air conditioner will significantly shorten the drying process. On hot summer days, the upholstery can dry in two hours.

With the help of the state-of-the-art equipment we work with today, we were able to significantly reduce drying times.

You do not need to come to us, the service is provided at the customer's home nationwide.

We will come to your home or work wherever is most convenient for you and clean the upholstery while you can continue with your daily routine.

All we need is an electrical point within a range of up to 25-30 meters from where your vehicle is parked.

We apologize, but it is important to us that you understand that on extreme winter days when it rains, we will not be able to provide the service except for vehicles parked in a covered or underground parking lot.

Do you have any more questions? Need an offerprice? Contact us today and one of us will be happy to serve you.

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ניקוי ריפודים לרכב בתל אביב
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