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Cleaning sofas in Bnei Brak

Cleaning sofas in Bnei Brak, who among us hasn't gotten tired of maintaining the furniture at home every week and in some cases every day. 
Whether it's the mattresses we sleep on, the sofas we spend hours on together with the whole family or the carpets everyone steps on. 
They all absorb dirt, dust, unpleasant odors and many other pollutants. 

Sometimes it already looks completely lost, but you don't need to change furniture, you can simply order sofa cleaning in Bnei Brak from a professional company. 

Yes, you don't have to re-upholster or spend thousands of shekels, as long as cleaning sofas in Bani is a service that will save you a lot of money. 

Cleaning sofas in Bnei Brak - how does it work? 

Cleaning fabric sofas, carpets, mattresses and dining room chairs We clean with a machine that works with the injection and suction method. 
This treatment is also suitable for vehicle upholstery. 

Leather sofas are cleaned manually. We use a professional material for cleaning leather sofas, a fine brush usually made of horse hair and fine microfiber towels. 
At the end of the cleaning process, we also apply a skin nutrient. 


ניקוי ספות בבני ברק
ניקוי ספות בבני ברק
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ניקוי ספות בבני ברק

Why is it important to hire a professional company for sofa cleaning in Bnei Brak? 

The reason is very simple, this market is completely hacked and there are many professionals whom you do not want to bring into your home. 
A professional company will know how to match the type of material to the type of fabric and not one type for all. 
It is very important to match materials to the type of upholstery in order not to cause damage and to reach the best level of cleanliness. 

Beyond the materials, it is also important to work with professional equipment so that the sofas do not dry out after a week, the sofa will not be destroyed during cleaning and of course it will be strong enough to clean the living room in the best possible way. 

Cleaning sofas in Bnei Brak how long does it take? 

The average time for cleaning a standard living room is about an hour, cleaning normal carpets of say three by two about half an hour, likewise for cleaning mattresses. 

If I order professional sofa cleaning, how long does it take for my furniture to dry? 

Thanks to our equipment which consists of very powerful vacuum cleaners and cleaning with boiling water (requires the use of more water during cleaning) you will enjoy clean and dry furniture in four to   half a day. 

- cleaning sofas in Bnei Brak price - 

The price of the service varies in each case. 
What affects the price of cleaning is the type of fabric, the size of the sofas and how dirty they are. 
On average, the prices can range from ninety to one hundred and fifty shekels per seat in the worst case. 
The price for carpet cleaning ranges from thirty to one hundred shekels per square meter. 
Just like with sofas, what affects the price is the type of carpet, its condition and size.

The larger the carpet, the lower the price per meter. 
The price for cleaning mattresses can range from one hundred and fifty to two hundred and fifty for a single mattress. 
The price for cleaning double mattresses or kosher beds can range from three hundred and fifty to five hundred shekels, including cleaning on both sides and a substance that neutralizes unpleasant odors. 

Cleaning sofas in Bnei Brak for Passover or Rosh Hashanah. 

These are the periods when we receive the most orders, our company specializes in providing sofa cleaning services in Bnei Brak for over a decade. 
If you want us to polish the furniture in your home as well, contact her today for a no-obligation quote!

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