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Niki couches in Givat Shmuel

Did the children eat on the sofas all year? Did the cat defecate on the seats? Did you buy a light colored living room and it got stains from jeans and newspapers? 

If you answered yes to one of the questions above, then probably the right service for you is sofa cleaning in Givat Shmuel by a company that specializes in the subject. 

Professional sofa cleaning can ignite a perfect solution to all these problems and solve them in most cases within six minutes from the moment our team enters your home. 


Cleaning sofas in Givat Shmuel or in any other city has become very popular, especially among families. 

Aan what to do The house is not a museum and we sometimes eat on the couches, drink coffee, read the newspaper and entertain our relatives. 

Even without all the actions mentioned above our sofas get dirty, imagine what would happen to a white towel if you put it on the floor in your living room for a year... 


Even in cases where there are no hard stains, people still order a sofa cleaning service in Givat Shmuel to get rid of bad smells, dust, dust mites and other pollutants. 

The service has become particularly popular in recent years since it is a cheap and available solution for everyone. 

Once we had to reupholster a living room because it got dirty and we were required to pay thousands of shekels for it. Nowadays, you can simply order a company that provides a sofa cleaning service in Givat Shmuel at a cost of a few hundred shekels.

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ניקוי ספות בגבעת שמואל

What is better to buy materials or order a professional sofa cleaning service in Givat Shmuel? 


You can read a lot of information about this topic on the net, it doesn't matter how good the material is and its ability to break down the dirt, most of the dirt will still absorb into the upholstery and float back after a certain period of time. 


A professional company works with a completely different method and its main job is to completely remove the dirt even from the depth of the upholstery so that it does not happen that the stains will surface again after a few days. 


How is the process of cleaning sofas in Givat Shmuel carried out? 


First we perform thorough vacuuming on a dry basis for the entire living room, in the absence of a lot of crumbs, dust or hairs of living beings, this step can be skipped. 

After that we spray a very smart material that on the one hand knows how to break down almost all possible types of stains and does not harm the quality of the fabric at all. 

In particularly difficult cases, we also thoroughly scrub the entire sofa around, but if the situation does not require us, we skip this step since it does not do the fabric fibers any favors in all cases. 

In the next step we use a machine that does a double injection/suction action, on the one hand it injects steam and hot steam and on the other hand it sucks all the dirt out of the sofas directly onto the machine. 

We repeat this step several times until we reach an optimal result.


If accidents happen on the sofa, such as urine damage, etc., at the end of the work, we spray a disinfectant which eliminates all the bacteria on the fabric and as a result neutralizes all the unpleasant odors. 

This material will also solve problems of mold smells, cigarettes, sweat and more. 


You ordered a sofa cleaning service in Givat Shmuel, the living room is shiny and you want to know how you can keep it clean all year round and even more than that? 

It's terrible, just ask our team for a quote for our special service of applying stain repellent to sofas.

A stain-repellent material for sofas forms a buffer between the damage of the environment and the fabric fibers, this is a state-of-the-art technology in Israel that we also supply to the best furniture factories and importers in Israel. 


How do you order a sofa cleaning service in Givat Shmuel? 


It's very simple to contact us today to receive an arranged quote via phone, WhatsApp or email.  

If we can eliminate the problem and the price seems reasonable to you, we will arrange a day and time to perform the work.


After cleaning sofas in Givat Shmuel, how long will it take for our living room to dry and be able to use it? 


After the cleaning process, the sofas must be allowed to dry between four and twelve hours, it depends on the ventilation of the space where the furniture is located, the weather conditions on the day of the cleaning and of course the condition of the sofa. 

A salon that is in a difficult condition will require larger amounts of water in the cleaning process and therefore there is a difference in drying times. 


Why choose you for cleaning sofas in Givat Shmuel? 


We at Zeus Clean have been providing advanced cleaning solutions in the field of upholstery cleaning in Israel since 2006. 

Our clients include private clients, restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, offices, hi-tech companies, institutions and more. 

We make sure to provide uncompromising service to everyone because we know that the cheapest and highest quality advertising is a satisfied customer! 

Thanks to this, we manage to last and provide service to our customers for so many years. 


We also clean sofas in Givat Shmuel or anywhere else in Israel using the most professional materials and equipment in the world of cleaning. 


We may not be the cheapest on the market, but we are also really inexpensive, which is for sure whoever chooses to join our clientele always leaves satisfied. 

The owner of our company advocates reliability, professionalism and tolerance for each customer above all.


If you want to get an impression of the work we have done over the years, search for Zeus Clean sofa cleaning on Google, YouTube, Facebook and even on Instagram.


If you have any additional questions about cleaning sofas in Givat Shmuel or any other topic related to cleaning upholstery, you are welcome to contact us today.

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