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Cleaning sofas in Holon

The living room is the place where we spend most of the day together with our family, guests and even the animals stay there most of the day. 
A sofa cleaning service in Holon will help you get rid of all the hard stains, the unpleasant smells and even the animal hairs. 

Why spend thousands of shekels on upholstery and not order sofa cleaning in Holon for a quarter of the price? 

Contact us today and we will be happy to help with the cleaning and also save you a lot of money. 

Cleaning sofas in Holon, how is it?Employee? 

The cleaning itself is carried out with the help of a professional upholstery cleaning machine that injects boiling water and substances and on the other side a child vacuums everything back with the dirt that has accumulated inside your sofas. 
With the exact same method, we also clean mattresses, carpets, dining room chairs and car upholstery. 

We clean leather sofas in Holon by gentler cleaning, which is done with a horsehair brush and microfiber cloths so as not to cause damage to the leather. 

Cleaning sofas in Holon How much does it cost? 
The price is not uniform in any case since it depends on the types of fabrics, the size of the sofas and their condition. 
On average, the price for cleaning sofas in Holon or anywhere else in Israel ranges from ninety   to one hundred and fifty shekels per seat in the worst case. 
What is a bad case? 
Living rooms made of cotton fabric or Impala, for example, are particularly dirty.
In this type of situation, we will have to perform several washes until a reasonable result is obtained. 


ניקוי ספות בחולון
ניקוי ספות בחולון
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ניקוי ספות בחולון

Cleaning sofas in Holon on Passover or Rosh Hashanah

During the holidays, we recommend that you book the service as early as possible, even a month in advance, in order to reserve a place for yourself.

How often is it recommended to order such a sofa cleaning service in Holon? 

Our recommendation is to order a professional service at least once a year and of course even more as needed. 
For example, in homes with small children or animals, it is likely that thorough cleaning only once a year is not enough. 

We recommend performing a deep cleaning at least once a year, even in salons that look clean at first glance, this is due to the fact that the upholstery accumulates a lot of pollutants such as dust, dust mites, unpleasant odors and other bacterial shock. 

How to choose a professional company for sofa cleaning in Holon? 

Ask first to get a price quote without obligation. 
You will read reviews about them around the web. 
Check that it is indeed a company and not "entrepreneurs" of the holiday periods only. 
Ask if there is a guarantee that your sofas will be damaged as a result of the cleaning. 
Ask about the equipment and materials they use. 
And most importantly, get a feel for the person and avoid dealing with those who already on the phone don't sound so pleasant.
Check who comes to you: the owner of the company, an experienced employee or even a subcontractor. 
(Unfortunately, many companies will send you inexperienced subcontractors)
And the most important thing is to beware of particularly cheap offers. 
Many diggers will try to attract customers only due to the fact that they are extremely cheap and it always ends up in an unsatisfied customer. 

In conclusion, even if you just order sofa cleaning in Holon and it sounds something simple and not particularly complicated, our recommendation is to check carefully who you choose to bring into your home. 

Why choose us for cleaning sofas in Holon? 


  • 14 years of experience 

  • Equipment and materials from the best in the world and not only in Israel in the field of upholstery cleaning.

  • Warranty in every job. 

  • Price offer without obligation. 

  • Reliable, fast and professional service guaranteed to every customer. 

  • Plenty of positive recommendations. 

Want to get an impression of the work we have done? 

On our gallery page you will find links to our Facebook page, Instagram or YouTube channel where you will find hundreds of videos of sofa cleaning. 

Want to get a quote? Very simple! 
Take a photo of the piece of furniture you want to clean and send us the photo via email or WhatsApp message and within minutes you will receive a professional price quote without obligation. 

Zeus Clean sofa cleaning in Holon since 2006

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