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Cleaning sofas in Ashdod

Netflix series, books, newspapers or just relaxing, we do all this on a daily basis on the sofas in our home. 

The living room is one of the main points in every home and it needs maintenance treatments on a weekly and sometimes daily basis to get rid of dust and crumbs. 
But as soon as stains accumulate on the sofas and unpleasant smells, what can we do in such a case? 
Very simply, we invite a company that specializes in providing sofa cleaning services in Ashdod. 

How is the process of cleaning sofas in Ashdod carried out? 

First we ask our customers to send us a photo of the sofas they want cleaned to receive a quote. 
If the customer is satisfied with our proposal and we see that it is possible for us to clean the living room, all that remains to be done is to coordinate a day and time. 

Our team will come to you equipped with professional cleaning materials and the most professional equipment in the field of upholstery cleaning. 
In the first step we will adjust the type of material according to the type of fabric. 
If we think that the final result will not be good enough, we will inform the customer and even make a small demonstration. 
If the customer is not satisfied with the result obtained, we will not continue to perform the work and will not charge a fee for the arrival or demonstration. 
If everything is fine and we come to the conclusion that we can thoroughly clean the living room, we will perform a thorough dry vacuum if necessary   such as in cases of a large amount of animal hair or a lot of crumbs, etc..._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


ניקוי ספות באשדוד
ניקוי ספות באשדוד
ניקוי ספות באשדוד
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In the next step, I will spot treat all the hard stains by spraying a concentrated material to remove hard stains, then we let the material sit on the stains for about ten minutes to allow it to break down or dissolve the stain. 
After we have dealt with difficult spots in a spot-on manner, we begin the craft. 

The work is carried out by a special machine with the help of which we spray the sofas with a professional material for cleaning sofas with the help of steam and immediately start the suction stage with the help of a particularly powerful vacuum cleaner. 

Our machines perform a double action, on the one hand they inject material and boiling water steam and on the other hand they suck all the dirt and water out of the upholstery. 
We repeat this operation several times until a result of maximum cleanliness is obtained. 

Can a sofa cleaning service in Ashdod help if our animals have defecated on the living room?

Certainly, our service will help to get rid of the stains and also after we have removed all the bacteria from the upholstery we will also apply an odor neutralizing agent to get rid of the urine odors.


Do you also provide a sofa cleaning service in Ashdod for leather salons?

We certainly specialize in cleaning leather sofas in Ashdod,   unlike cleaning fabric sofas, in the case of leather sofas the cleaning is done manually. 
After cleaning, we will also apply a nutrient to the skin which will help you maintain it for a longer period of time. 

Is a sofa cleaning service in Ashdod suitable for all types of fabrics and leathers? 

With the help of our work method we can clean 95% of all types of upholstery that exist on the market, but there are exceptional cases of fabrics that cannot be cleaned or alternatively it is not worth trying to clean because the result simply will not be good. 

How do you get a price quote and how long in advance do you have to coordinate sofa cleaning in Ashdod? 

You can get a price quote by sending a photo of the furniture you want to clean to one of our staff members who are available at the email address that appears on our website or via WhatsApp. 

Our availability is about two or three days most of the year, but during periods such as Rosh Hashan or Passover, it is advisable to book two or three weeks in advance to ensure the arrival of one of our teams at your home during the holidays.

After cleaning sofas in Ashdod, how long will it take for my living room to dry? 

Drying times range from four to twelve hours on average and immediately afterwards you can return to enjoying your clean and fresh sofas. 

Do you want to keep your sofas stain-free for up to two years? 

When you contact us for a sofa cleaning service in Ashdod, ask our representatives about an innovative treatment that we have been providing to our customers in recent years, which is actually a treatment with a super high quality stain repellent material. 

Want to be impressed by our work? 

Search for zeus clean on Instagram or Facebook to follow us on social media. 
And in order to see videos of hundreds of works we have done so far, look for Zeus Clean in Hebrew on YouTube.

For any additional questions or to receive additional professional information, you are welcome to contact us today!

Zeus Clean - sofa cleaning in Ashdod!

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