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Cleaning sofas in Bat Yam

In the next article we will try to explain everything about sofa cleaning in Bat Yam, when to order, how much it costs,

How to do it right, and how to choose a professional sofa cleaning company in Bat Yam. 

The living room is the heart of every house in Israel and it is the place we spend hours upon hours every day whether it is alone, with the family or with the guests who come to visit (and dirty the couches 😉 ). 

Because of the daily use, our sofas also get dirty very quickly. 
A sofa cleaning service in Bat Yam will solve the unpleasant odor problems, remove the dust mite stains and more. 

How often is it recommended to order sofa cleaning in Bat Yam? 
Whenever you spill something on the sofa, whenever there are unpleasant smells or once a year this is our recommendation. 
Cleaning sofas in Bat Yam by a professional company will both preserve the sofas for a long time and save you from sitting on dusty, smelly or bacteria-filled sofas. 

Cleaning sofas in Bat Yam, how much does it cost? 
The price may vary according to the length and width of the sofa, the type of upholstery and the condition of the sofa. 
A particularly dirty four and a half meter natural cotton sofa will be much more expensive to clean than a sofa

of a meter and a half of simple synthetic material without hard stains. 

So how do you get a quote for a sofa cleaning service in Bat Yam? 

Simple and easy, attach the sofa you want to clean and send us the picture via WhatsApp or email. 
As soon as we receive the photo we will send you a price quote without any obligation on your part. 


ניקוי ספות בבת ים
ניקוי ספות בבת ים
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ניקוי ספות בבת ים

When does it cost more to order a sofa cleaning service in Bat Yam? 
Cleaning sofas in Bat Yam from natural fabric 
Cleaning sofas in Bat Yam from gum stains, urine, ink or slime. 
Cleaning sofas in Bat Yam from water or fire damage. 

These are some of the cases where a price increase is possible because we have to perform the cleaning several times and use special materials that will solve the problem in each case.


We will not ask for an additional price for every small stain, but there are extreme cases where the price will be different without a choice. 

Don't worry, if you received a price from us, this is the final price you will pay when ordering a sofa cleaning service in Bat Yam, even if we bought with an offer, we take full responsibility and there are no surprises once the professional arrives at your home. 

Cleaning sofas in Bat Yam, how do you do it right? 
First we vacuum the sofas from dust, crumbs and animal hair. 
In the next step apply a stain remover and wait a few minutes. 
In the next step we clean the sofas by injecting and powerful suction of hot water and a professional material for cleaning sofas in Bat Yam. 

Finally, another treatment is performed with a substance that neutralizes acidity, softens the fabric and a substance that neutralizes unpleasant odors if necessary. 

Cleaning sofas in Bat Yam After how long do the sofas dry? 
Drying times can range from four hours to a full day on rainy winter days, but not beyond that. 

How choose a professional sofa cleaning company in Bat Yam? 
To ensure that the professional you choose to invite to your home is indeed professional, ask him how long he has been working in the field, whether he has any recommendations, check his website, read reviews about him on Google, ask what equipment he works with, check if he uses professional materials, etc. . 

Unfortunately, the market for cleaning sofas in Bat Yam and in the whole of Israel is completely open, so we recommend that you thoroughly check the professional you invite to your home so that you don't fall into the trap like many other people. 

What services do you provide? 
Cleaning sofas in Bat Yam 
Cleaning leather sofas in Bat Yam 
Carpet cleaning in Bat Yam 
Car upholstery cleaning in Bat Yam 

We at Zeus Clean will be happy to help with any question, give you a quote or advice without obligation on your part. 
Contact us today!

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