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Niki sofas in Haifa

Cleaning sofas in Haifa is the ultimate solution for those who want to put an end to stains, get rid of unpleasant odors and possibly get rid of animal intoxication on the sofas. 

Also, a sofa cleaning service in Haifa can also help in cases of urine stains, the smell of cigarettes and mold stains. 

Yes, you read that right, as long as no irreversible damage is caused to the sofas, we will be able to solve the problem. 


The process of cleaning sofas starts from the quote stage, our customers take pictures of the sofa they want to clean and send us the photos to receive a quote and a full explanation of the entire process. 

If the customers are satisfied with the price offer, we move forward and set a day and time to carry out the work. 


The service of cleaning sofas in Haifa is an easy, fast and affordable solution for every pocket. 

Instead of purchasing new sofas, we will simply renew them for you completely and they will look like in the showroom again. 

The average price for cleaning a set of two and three seater sofas will range from four hundred and fifty to seven hundred and fifty shekels in the worst case and it is a really dirty living room or living room made of fabrics that are difficult to clean like an Impala. 


Before you despair and spend thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of shekels on purchasing new furniture for your living room, contact us and maybe a sofa cleaning service in Haifa will save you a lot of unnecessary expenses. 


"The dog defecated on the sofa, there is an unpleasant smell and urine stains. I throw it out on the street"

During our years of activity in the field we have heard this sentence dozens if not hundreds of times, in 99% of the cases we were able to save the situation.

ניקוי ספות בחיפה
ניקוי ספות בחיפה
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ניקוי ספות בחיפה

Okay, I ordered a sofa cleaning service in Haifa, but what's next? How will we keep the sofas clean? 


Very simply, beyond cleaning sofas in Haifa, we also provide our private and business customers alike with an innovative service of coating the furniture with a stain-repellent material. 

A stain repellent creates a transparent layer on top of the upholstery and with the help of its hydrophobic capabilities it will prevent the upholstery from absorbing liquids.


Want to see a demo? 

You can see here 


What are the steps in the process of cleaning sofas in Haifa? 


First and if necessary we will vacuum animal hairs, sand or extreme amounts of dust on dry. 

After that we will spray the sofas with a pre-wash agent which breaks down all the hard dirt. 

In the next step, we will begin the work itself, which is done with the help of a professional machine that works with the injection and suction method. 

On the one hand, the machine injects hot water combined with air pressure into the upholstery and at the same time it also pumps all the water out of the sofa with a very high power. 


What are the drying times after a sofa cleaning treatment in Haifa? 


Drying times can range from four to twelve hours. 

The times vary according to the type of fabric, the level of ventilation in the room and the weather conditions that day. 


How do you wisely choose a company that provides sofa cleaning services in Haifa? 

First of all recommendations! Ask friends, acquaintances or family members. 

If there is no one in your immediate vicinity who can recommend a good company, you can simply read reviews about that company across the net. 

You will need to get a professional quote in advance to avoid surprises on the day of work. 

Do not be tempted by a price that is too cheap because what is cheap will end up costing you dearly, quite a few times customers have invited us to repair mold damage after they have invited excavators who supposedly offered the same work at a quarter of the market prices. _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


What other services do you provide? 


Our company has been engaged in the field of upholstery cleaning since 2006 and beyond the service of cleaning sofas in Haifa we provide cleaning services for carpets, mattresses, dining room chairs, car upholstery and even wall to wall carpets for private homes or offices. _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


How often is it recommended to order a sofa cleaning service in Haifa? 


There is no unequivocal answer to this question, it varies from house to house according to the way the furniture is used.

Our recommendation is to perform periodic cleaning of sofas at least once a year even in the absence of stains, since they absorb a lot of dust, dust mites and many other pollutants. 


Cleaning sofas in Haifa for leather salons, is this also something you do? 


We certainly specialize in cleaning and refurbishing leather sofas, the only difference is in the working method. 

In leather sofas, unlike fabric living rooms, we perform the cleaning manually in order not to cause irreversible damage to the delicate leather upholstery. 


Do you have any further questions? Would you like to receive a quote for sofa cleaning in Haifa? 


Contact us and we will be happy to be at your disposal.

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