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Cleaning sofas in Kiryat Ono

In addition to the service of cleaning sofas in Kiryat Ono, we also provide a service of neutralizing unpleasant odors and impregnation (coating with a stain-repellent material) for salons.

The coating prevents the upholstery from absorbing liquids completely for a period of one and a half to two years. 

The coating is completely transparent and cannot be distinguished at all. 
All you need to do is vacuum once or twice a week and if you spill a drink or any liquid just wipe with a paper towel because the padding itself will not absorb the liquid at all while it is protected. 

How to choose a company that provides services such as sofa cleaning in Kiryat Ono? 

Read recommendations about the company on the Internet, ask for recommendations from friends or relatives, ask how long they have been in the field, what materials and work methods they work with. 

Do not be tempted by too cheap prices since this is a method of diggers to attract new customers, when they arrive at your home the price will increase in 90% percent of the cases and the quality of the work will be poor. 

Don't expect money when inviting a professional from any field because we all know that the cheap ends up being expensive. 
Compare prices at several recommended companies in the field and order only the one that sounds the most professional to you. 

Why choose us? 

Our company provides sofa cleaning service in Kiryat Ono since 2006 and you can read reviews about us on Google, Facebook and other sources around the web. 

You can get an impression of hundreds of sofas we have cleaned so far if you search Zeus Clean on YouTube. 

Use of professional equipment and materials only. 
Commitment to the result. 
Free quote and demo. 

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Sofa cleaning in Kiryat Ono is a service we have been providing to our customers for many years in a professional manner. 
The service is performed at the customer's home and the average living room has five seats, the cleaning time is about an hour and the drying time is less than half a day. 

Cleaning sofas in Kiryat Ono how much does it cost? 

The prices vary in each case and they range on average between ninety and one hundred and fifty shekels per seat plus VAT. 

In cases of special treatments such as needs or a large amount of animal hair, after flooding or difficult stains, the price will be more expensive. 

Another thing that affects the price of cleaning sofas in Kiryat Ono can be the type of fabric, there are types of fabric that require more complex treatment such as: cotton fabrics, impala fabric, silk, wool and leather sofas. 
(still the price will not be more expensive than one hundred and fifty shekels per seat in the worst case)

Cleaning sofas in Kiryat Ono for fabric and leather living rooms is done with the same work method?


The answer is negative, both the working method and the materials are completely different  
We clean fabric sofas with a special machine that injects hot water combined with air pressure and detergents onto the fibers of the sofa and on the other side sucks everything back together with all the accumulated dirt. 

We clean leather salons manually using special tools and materials that are specially made for cleaning leather salons. 
The reason for manual cleaning is that leather sofas are much more delicate and sensitive compared to fabric sofas. 
Also, after we clean the sofas, we also apply a nutrient to the skin which nourishes it and prevents cracks, tears and drying of the skin. 

Cleaning sofas in Kiryat Ono do it yourself

The simplest recommendation is to avoid eating and drinking on the sofas and of course thorough vacuuming at least twice a week. 
In leather sofas, you can apply a nutrient to the leather once a month to protect it from cracks and tears. 
The leather in sofas tends to dry out quickly, especially in weather conditions like ours, so it is recommended to take care of this action regularly. 


ניקוי ספות בקרית אונו
ניקוי ספות בקרית אונו
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