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Cleaning sofas in Yehud

Cleaning sofas in Yehud is the service that will make your sofas look like the day they entered your living room. 
No matter how dirty they are, full of animal hair or how they smell! 

A professional company that specializes in providing sofa cleaning services in Yehud will save your living room within an hour! 

But the question is how to choose a quality company that provides a sofa cleaning service in Yehud and why is it so important!

Regarding the question of why this is so important, it is important that you understand that this market is completely hacked and no body or entity in Israel supervises it. 

Because of the lack of control, there are many diggers who claim to be professionals and offer their services at half the market price just to capture new customers in their network. 
Those "professionals" clean amateurishly, delay, air or leave sofas soaked in water that do not dry even after a week. 
Don't believe? Read reviews around the web. 

A professional company adjusts the type of material according to the type of fabric and likewise the method of work. 
A professional company will provide a good result and their sofas will dry in less than half a day. 

Also, unlike diggers who come to customers with a vacuum cleaner that is sold in stores like Home Center for five hundred shekels, a professional company that specializes in providing sofa cleaning services in Yehud will come to you with professional equipment that costs tens of thousands of shekels. 

Ask for recommendations, read reviews, ask if they come to clean themselves or if they send subcontractors, ask about the materials and work methods. 
And only then will you invite the one who sounds the most tolerant and professional without referring only to a cheap price! 

ניקוי ספות ביהוד
ניקוי ספות ביהוד
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ניקוי ספות ביהוד

Cleaning sofas in Yehud, how is it done?

First we identify the type of fabric and therefore adjust the materials we will use in the cleaning process. 
Matching materials will provide a much better level of finish and help us avoid causing damage to the sofas such as brown spots, color spillage, etc. 

If necessary, perform initial vacuuming on a dry surface and then spot-treat the particularly hard and prominent stains by spraying a concentrated substance whose purpose is to break up hard stains. 

In the next step, after we allow the material to dissolve the hard stains for five to ten minutes, we will start cleaning the couches using the injection and suction method. 

This is a special device that performs two actions at once, on the one hand it injects water with steam and on the other side it sucks the water back together with all the dirt. 

We repeat this action several times until a maximum result is obtained and no stains remain. 

At the end of the process you will get clean, fresh sofas that also smell great! 

Does a sofa cleaning treatment in Yehud always remove all stains and marks? 

The answer is that ninety-five percent of the cases, including the stains, will be completely removed, but you have to take into account that sometimes there are stains that cause irreversible damage by themselves and they cannot be removed in any way. 

In the treatment of cleaning sofas in Yehud, we can remove stains such as ink stains, chewing gum, markers, juice, coffee, urine, animal hair, dust mites and more! 

Beyond cleaning, we also provide a unique service of spraying stain-repellent material on the upholstery. 

How much will you pay for a sofa cleaning service in Yehud? 

The price ranges from ninety to one hundred and fifty shekels per seat. 

How far in advance do you need to order a sofa cleaning service in Yehud and what are the drying times? 

Our availability is between one and three business days and the drying times are between three and twelve hours after we have finished cleaning the sofas. 

What other services do you provide besides cleaning sofas in Yehud? 

Cleaning carpets, cleaning dining room chairs, cleaning mattresses, cleaning car upholstery, coating fabric furniture with a stain-repellent material, cleaning carpets at the factory, neutralizing odors and more! 

Do you have any additional questions about drug cleaning in Yehud or do you want to order a service? 

Do not hesitate and contact us today and one of us will be happy to answer any question and provide you with courteous and professional service.

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