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Cleaning sofas in Jerusalem

Cleaning sofas in Jerusalem is the service that will save your sofas from hard stains and unpleasant smells. 
It is true that this is not a simple job at all and you need to know very well what and how to do it, but you can save thousands of shekels by ordering a company that specializes in providing sofa cleaning services in Jerusalem. 

Many of our customers think that the condition of their sofas is completely lost and they purchase a sharp living room or reupholster the old living room for thousands of shekels. 

From today you don't have to pay thousands of shekels for new upholstery and stay a week or two without sofas in your home. Order sofa cleaning in Jerusalem today and your living room will be clean and smelling good within an hour. 

How much does it cost to clean sofas in Jerusalem?

Cleaning synthetic fabric couches in most cases will cost between ninety and one hundred shekels per seat. 

Cleaning natural fabric sofas will cost on average between one hundred and one hundred and fifty shekels per seat. 

Cleaning dining room chairs will cost between thirty and sixty shekels per chair. 

Cleaning mattresses and youth beds will cost on average between three hundred and fifty to four hundred and fifty shekels. 

The prices vary from salon to salon according to the type of fabric, the size of the salon and its condition. 

There are also price supplements for neutralizing unpleasant odors such as urine or after water and fire damage. 

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ניקוי ספות בירושלים

In addition to the service of cleaning sofas in Jerusalem, we also provide the service of coating sofas with a stain-repellent material after cleaning or for new sofas that have just been purchased. 

The material is completely transparent and cannot be noticed at all, its durability is about a year to a year and a half. 

Cleaning sofas in Jerusalem How long does it take and how long does it take for the living room to dry? 

A standard salon cleaning process takes about an hour to an hour and a half. 
Drying times range from four hours to half a day on average. 
In particularly difficult cases where the sofas are really dirty and we are required to use a larger amount of water, the cleaning process may sometimes continue for two hours or more and the drying process twenty-four hours. 

Cleaning sofas in Jerusalem - leather sofas 

Cleaning leather sofasIt is done manually to distinguish fabric couches which we clean with the help of special machines created for this purpose. 

Leather salons can be destroyed if cleaned with a machine, so the cleaning is done in a gentler way using a fine brush, a professional material for leather cleaning and premium microfiber cloths with greater absorbency. 
The service also includes the application of a protective material for leather upholstery. 

Cleaning sofas in Jerusalem How to get a quote? 

The simplest way to receive a professional quote is to take a picture of the furniture you want to clean and send the picture to us by email or WhatsApp. 
One of us will get back to you as soon as possible if an explanation of the service and a price offer is particularly worthwhile. 

How to choose a company that provides a sofa cleaning service in Jerusalem? 

Ask questions without being shy, for example: 

How long have they been in the field, what equipment and materials do they use and do they guarantee that there will be no damage as a result of the cleaning!!! 

And the most important thing is to check reviews about the company throughout the network, it's easy, available and necessary before you order sofa cleaning in Jerusalem or any other service. 

How often is it recommended to clean sofas in Jerusalem? 

There is no unequivocal answer, it varies from house to house, some need professional cleaning every six months and some even once every three years is fine if you look at the visual aspect.


The idea is not to order sofa cleaning in Jerusalem only when there are tough stains, there are a lot of pollutants such as dust mites for example or dead skin cells that are absorbed into the upholstery fibers and are invisible to the eye, so our recommendation is to perform a thorough cleaning once a year.

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