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Cleaning sofas in Tel Aviv

ניקוי ספות בתל אביב
ניקוי ספות בתל אביב

Cleaning sofas in Tel Aviv, how much does it cost? 

The price varies according to the type of fabric, the condition of the sofas and their size.

How far in advance do you need to order sofa cleaning in Tel Aviv? 

Our availability is about two or three days. During holidays it is recommended to order at least a week in advance.

Want to order sofa cleaning in Tel Aviv? This is exactly why we are here, our company provides its customers with sofa cleaning services in Tel Aviv, carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning and car upholstery in their homes and the service is also available nationwide.

Our sofas are actually the heart of the house and the place where all the family members spend the hours of the day, obviously after sitting for a long time every day our living room absorbs countless pollutants, dust and hard stains. Whether it's a stain caused by the baby's emissions, the parents' coffee, and even animal needs, everything can be treated and cleaned thoroughly.

Indeed, cleaning sofas in Tel Aviv is not an easy task, but you can always help us.

Cleaning sofas in Tel Aviv How to remove the smell of urine from sofas?

Very simply by thorough cleaning that will include treatment with an odor neutralizing agent. If you search on Google, don't ask your acquaintances, everyone will have countless solutions of one kind or another, some of these solutions are more effective and some less so, but for sure none of the methods will solve our problem and on the contrary, sometimes some of these grandmother methods will cause irreparable damage to our upholstery.

It is very important that you understand that a spray of laundry perfume or vinegar will not really solve the problem, simply that their powerful smell will be stronger than the unpleasant smell of the toilet and this will solve the problem for a few hours until their active ingredient evaporates and then the terrible smell of the toilet returns again.

So what do we do?


As with everything, the harmful factor must be eradicated and only after that the sofas should be perfumed. If we don't wash the sofas in order to pump the necessities out of the fabric fibers and out of the sponge itself, nothing will solve the problem for us.

Our team will come to you with the right equipment and materials and with the help of a short cleaning that usually lasts about an hour on average will solve the problem completely.

Cleaning sofas in Tel Aviv, how does it work?

In the initial stage we vacuum the sofas, a step that can sometimes be skipped and it depends on the condition of the sofas. After that we inject hot water under pressure together with a professional material toCleaning sofasinto the fibers of the fabric while making sure to evenly spray and wet all parts of the sofa to prevent water stains and at the end of the cleaning process. After waiting a few moments in which we allowed the material to do the cleaning and softening of the pollutants, we scrub the entire sofa with a special brush, which allows us to separate the dirt from the fabric fibers. In the next step we vacuum everything we sprayed together with the dirt outside the fabric fibers. In the next shower, we wash by injecting and suctioning with clean water with an odor neutralizing agent. Finally, we dry the sofa well by powerful suction that will leave the sofas at the end of the job moist and not soaked in water, and then we will spray a little deodorizing agent again to ensure a perfect result. After the cleaning process, they will dry in about 8 to 12 hours on average, sometimes there are cases where we have to use a larger amount of water to remove all the pollutants and this will cause a longer drying time that can even reach 24 hours.

Besides urine, we also treat coffee stains, wine, markers, ink, food, oils and many other good ones.

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ניקוי ספות בתל אביב
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