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Cleaning sofas in Beer Ya'akov

Many customers turn to us  for a sofa cleaning service in Beer Ya'akov for their home or office. 

In every house and in every office or anywhere else where we have furniture we encounter the same problems like stains caused by accidents, dust that turns that starts to cause itchy skin and even breathing problems and unpleasant smells. 


There is not much to be done about it, our house is not a museum and we invest the best of our money in the furniture in order to enjoy it. 

Like everything in the house, the living room also needs joint maintenance and once a year it needs the treatment of cleaning sofas in Beer Ya'akov from a professional company that specializes in the field. 


If you want to order a sofa cleaning service in Beer Ya'akov for your home or office, we recommend that you conduct a market survey beforehand and check who you are letting into your home. 

Unfortunately for us, this market of the world of cleaning in Israel is completely hacked, the fact that there is no supervision and control over this field becomes a loophole for diggers and crooks. 


Before you book someone to clean sofas in Be'er Ya'akov, read about their business on Google, ask for recommendations from friends or relatives.

ניקוי ספות בבאר יעקב
ניקוי ספות בבאר יעקב
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ניקוי ספות בבאר יעקב

We at Zeus Clean have been providing a sofa cleaning service in Be'er Ya'akov and throughout the Shefala, Central and Sharon areas since 2006.

Over the years we have gained a lot of new and satisfied customers, experience  and knowledge in the field. 


How do you get a quote for sofa cleaning in Beer Ya'akov? 


Thanks to technology, this has become very simple, you can take a picture of the sofas and send us the picture via email or WhatsApp and one of us will get back to you within minutes with a professional price quote and a full explanation of the process. 


How is the process of cleaning sofas in Be'er Yaakov carried out? 


After you receive a quote and approve it, we will coordinate a day and time to perform the work. 

One of us will come to you on the day and time we prearranged, yes we are one of those who arrive on time because it is important to us to respect our customers' time. 


Our team member will come to you with professional equipment, professional materials and a big smile. 

After he enters your living room, he will scan the living room around to check if there is any irreversible damage and to understand what type of fabric it is. 

After the inspection, he will talk to the customer and explain to him in advance if there are stains that cannot be removed! 

Also, after checking the type of fabric, we match the most appropriate type of material to perform the work while making sure that no damage is caused to the sofas during the cleaning process. 

In the next step we assemble the equipment, prepare the work area and fill our machine with clean water and detergents. 

If necessary, perform thorough vacuuming first on a dry surface for crumbs and animal hair. 

And now it is possible  to begin the process of cleaning sofas in Beer Ya'akov  in a professional way, first spray a substance that breaks up the hard stains and wait a few minutes. 

If necessary and if the type of fabric allows it, we also perform gentle scrubbing with a fine brush. 

In the next step we start cleaning the entire living room around by the injection and suction method, after we have gone through the whole living room we will perform another thorough vacuuming. 


After performing the process of cleaning sofas in Be'er Jacob, our staff member will spray a professional substance that monitors bad odors, which will break down all the bacteria and will remain active for a few days. 


At the end of the work, we will place the pillows correctly, put all the furniture back in their place, wipe the floor and do everything so that the client doesn't even feel that we were there. 


We do want you to feel like we were at your place :) but only when you look at the shiny living room which will also smell great. 


What is better to reupholster or order a sofa cleaning service in Be'er Jacob? 


Of course, professional cleaning is always better because it is done within one to two hours for a living room of five seats. 

The next advantage is the price, professional cleaning costs only a few hundred shekels. 

Re-upholstering requires a lot of time, such a job will cost several thousand shekels and sometimes you also have to deal with transport to the upholstery and the belt home. 


Cleaning sofasIn Beer Ya'akov for leather salons 


Beyond fabric sofas, we at Zeus Clean also specialize in cleaning leather sofas in Beer Ya'akov. 

The work is done manually as opposed to cleaning fabric upholstery so as not to damage the sofas. 

At the end of the cleaning process, we also apply a nutrient to the skin which will give it protection for several months. 


How much does a sofa cleaning service cost in Beer Ya'akov? 


The price varies from house to house, what affects the cleaning price is the structure and size of the sofa, the type of fabric and whether it is really dirty or just needs a simple refresh. 

The prices will increase in cases of cleaning sofas in Beer Ya'akov for living rooms made of natural fabric or leather. 

On average, the price can range between one hundred and one hundred and fifty shekels per seat. 


In addition to cleaning sofas in Be'er Ya'akov, we at Zeus Clean also provide a service of cleaning mattresses, cleaning carpets, cleaning dining room chairs and cleaning car upholstery in Be'er Ya'akov. 


Iron rules in providing the service of cleaning sofas in Beer Ya'akov 


The first rule is, as we mentioned above, matching the material according to the type of fabric. 

In order not to damage the furniture, we need to match each fabric with the right material for it. 

Broadly, it is divided into three categories: acidic substances, alkaline substances and substances with balanced acidity. 

For example, in the case of cleaning leather sofas, we only use materials with balanced acidity. 

Other materials will also do the job, but it will certainly cause irreversible damage to the living room. 


The second rule is to use only professional equipment, making sure to use only professional equipment will ensure a much better final result, shorter drying times and prevent situations of causing damage to the skin. 


The third and most important rule is to provide quality service to the customer. 

We advocate providing professional service, tolerance and arriving on time! 


If you have any more questions about sofa cleaning in Beer Ya'akov or to order a service, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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