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Cleaning leather sofas in Tel Aviv

Cleaning leather sofas in Tel Aviv, this is the service that will return your living room to a display state, and of course with its help we can remove stains and unpleasant odors. 

Leather sofas have become a design trend that is gaining momentum in recent years. 
There is no end to the design options, colors and sizes that can be purchased. 
What is not talked about during the sale is the issue of maintenance. 

The maintenance of leather sofas is something you must take into account before purchasing such a living room. 
In addition to ordering the service of cleaning leather sofas in Tel Aviv once a year, you need to maintain the leather salons regularly. 

It is highly recommended to wipe once a week with a damp cloth and once a month to apply a nutrient for leather upholstery on the sofas. 

Periodic application of skin lotion will prevent the appearance of the cracks, tears and explosions that are common in all products made of natural leather. 

Another recommendation of ours is to avoid sitting with jeans, wet clothes and newspaper on the leather couches to prevent color fading. 

Cleaning leather sofas in Tel Aviv, how much does it cost? 

Cleaning leather upholstery, unlike fabric upholstery, is done manually, so the cleaning prices are slightly higher. 
The price varies according to the type of skin, its condition and of course the size of the salon. 
On average, the prices range from one hundred to one hundred and fifty shekels per seat for cleaning and application of skin nourishment at the end of the work. 

ניקוי ספות מעור בתל אביב
ניקוי ספות מעור בתל אביב
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ניקוי ספות מעור בתל אביב

Cleaning leather sofas in Tel Aviv, how do you do it right? 

There are many such and other methods in our field, but we work with the safest method available on the market to ensure both a good cleaning result and not to cause damage during or after cleaning. 

We prepare a bucket with lukewarm water and pour into it a professional substance that is specially made for cleaning leather surfaces. 

After that, take a brush made of fine horse hair, dip it in the bucket and begin to uniformly and thoroughly scrub the entire couch.

We work in small sections of twenty by twenty cm and immediately after scrubbing we wipe the dirt with a fine microfiber towel. 

After we have gone all around the sofa, vacuum the sofa grooves from crumbs and water residues. 
At the end of the work, after waiting for about 15 minutes, we apply skin nourishment uniformly to the entire sofa. 

How long does the process of cleaning leather sofas in Tel Aviv take and after how long can you go back to sitting on the living room? 

The cleaning process takes about an hour to an hour and a half for an average living room with five seats. 
After cleaning, the salon remains dry, but since we also apply a protective agent to the skin, it must be allowed to dry for an hour to an hour and a half, and then you can immediately return to using it as usual.


Is the service of cleaning leather sofas in Tel Aviv also suitable for absorbent leathers like nubuck salons? 

Unfortunately no, this treatment is not suitable for this type of living room, since it is sofas that must not be wet at all. 
There are cleaning wipes for absorbent leather upholstery on the market, but we have no experience with them and we do not clean with our method for nubuck leather salons. 

How can I get a quote for cleaning leather sofas in Tel Aviv? 

Contact us today and we will be happy to give you a quote without obligation. 
All you have to do is WhatsApp us the sofas you want us to clean and within minutes one of us will get back to you with a price quote. 


It doesn't matter if you clean the sofas yourself or if you order a company that specializes in providing leather sofa cleaning services in Tel Aviv, there are two things that must not be used in any way! 
1. The Wonder Sponge 
2. Bleach 

Many people do use them because at that moment it seems they are doing a good job, but they not only clean, they also immediately remove the protective layer on the leather seats.
What happens to those who do choose to make this common mistake is that the upholstery begins to crumble within a few months, weeks, days and sometimes right at that moment. 
Unfortunately, there are also professionals who work in this way, you have been warned! 

What other services do you provide? 

Cleaning leather sofas, cleaning fabric sofas, cleaning carpets in Tel Aviv, cleaning car upholstery and cleaning mattresses. 

For a quote or any additional questions, contact us today and one of us will be happy to help!

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