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Niki sofas in Yavne

Who among us does not like to come home after a long day at work and after a shower and dinner to lie on the sofa and watch TV? 

But one of the things that can ruin this experience is the fact that our sofas constantly get dirty, the stains spread and absorb unpleasant smells. 

A professional sofa cleaning service in Yavne is the solution to the problem! 


Is it true that there are countless methods, tips and even materials on the net that claim you can do the job yourself, but in most cases it's simply impossible? 


Why do all the sofa cleaning products sold in stores not work? 

It's very simple, it's just like applying body lotion instead of showering. 


A professional company that specializes in providing services such as cleaning sofas in Yavne matches the type of material according to the type of fabric and will come to you with the appropriate equipment to remove all the dirt from the upholstery. 


Cleaning sofas in Yavne, how does it work? 


First we match the material needed to perform the work according to the type of fabric in your home. 

Next week we will spray a pre-wash agent whose main purpose is to dissolve all the hard stains such as grease, body fat, sweat stains, chewing gum, ink, etc. and only then start the cleaning work. 

ניקוי ספות ביבנה
ניקוי ספות ביבנה
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ניקוי ספות ביבנה

The main cleaning is done by injecting boiling water at the temperature of steam with air pressure into the fabric fibers. 

Our machines do a double action, while they inject the hot water into the upholstery at the same time they also pump everything back. 

Unlike cleaning products sold in the supermarket, with this method we manage to remove over ninety-five percent of the pollutants from the sofas and do not spread them inside. 


Cleaning sofas in Yavne, how much does it cost? 


The price varies in each case and it really depends on the type of furniture in your home and its cosmetic condition. 

In order for you to get some orders of magnitude, we can say that the price can range from ninety-five shekels to one hundred and fifty shekels per seat in the worst case. 


How can I get a quote for a sofa cleaning service in Yavne? 


Very simply, you can clean the sofas or any other piece of furniture in your home that needs a thorough cleaning and send us the picture via email or via WhatsApp message. 

You will receive a professional price quote within a few minutes without any commitment from the customer. 


How do you order a sofa cleaning service in Yavne and how should I prepare the house first? 


After you receive a quote from us that suits you, we will be able to close on a day and time for the work to be performed. 

Our availability is usually two or three days. 

You don't need to prepare anything in advance except to remove personal items from the sofas, beyond that our team will move the furniture and put it back at the end of the job. 


Can the work process of cleaning sofas in Yavne be dangerous for small children or animals? 


On the contrary, in order to maintain our health and the health of our customers from the beginning of our journey in the field, we only use materials that do not contain chemicals that are dangerous to health. Take that during and after cleaning there is no danger to the members of the house. 


What is better to reupholster or order a sofa cleaning service in Yavne? 


Reupholstering costs thousands of shekels, cleaning costs less than 500 shekels in most cases... 

Reupholstering is a tiring process and requires a lot of time, cleaning is done within an hour... 

New upholstery will not always look or be of the quality of the upholstery you purchased, cleaning will return your sofas to the condition they were on the day you purchased them. 

We are sure that you will already decide for yourself what is better to do. 


Beyond the service of cleaning sofas in Yavne, our company provides a service of cleaning carpets, cleaning mattresses, cleaning upholstery and even coating furniture with a stain-repellent material. 

For a quote or for more details, you are welcome to contact us today!

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