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Carpet cleaning at the factory

Factory carpet cleaning is a service you need at least once a year.
If you have babies or   animals at home then probably even a few times a year.

Cleaning carpets at a professional factory will help you get rid of all crumbs, dust, stains, animal hair and unpleasant odors. 

How do you order a carpet cleaning service at the factory? 

Very simple, contact us today and we will coordinate a day and time to collect the carpets. 
The cleaning process, including collection and return, takes in most cases between five and seven business days. 

Carpet cleaning at the factory includes thorough vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner, thorough shaking, soaking, and all this before the washing process. 
In the washing process, the carpet goes through a professional machine which lathers, scrubs and then washes the carpet several times. 
After cleaning, the carpet goes through wringing and drying for a few days in a professional carpet drying room. 

How much does carpet cleaning cost at the factory? 

There is no uniform price since the price varies in each case. 
What affects the cleaning prices is the type of carpet, its size and condition. 
On average, prices can range between forty and ninety shekels per square meter. 

Which carpets are more expensive to clean? 

Shaggy carpets, woolen carpets, silk carpets and all the carpets that are made by hand which require especially delicate care so that they are not destroyed as a result of the cleaning treatment. 


What other services do you offer beyond the carpet cleaning service at the factory? 

Color correction, tear repairs and replacement of frames. 

ניקוי שטיחים במפעל
ניקוי שטיחים במפעל
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ניקוי שטיחים במפעל

If my carpet has been damaged or flooded or it has absorbed a lot of dirt following a fire, will your cleaning help? 

Certainly, with the help of  carpet cleaning in the factory beyond the usual cleaning, we can also take care of water damage, fire damage and more. 

How can I get a quote for factory carpet cleaning? 

All you have to do to receive an orderly quote is to send us a picture of the carpet and its dimensions in a WhatsApp message or via email. 
Within minutes one of our representatives will get back to you with a quote. 

After cleaning carpets at the factory, how can you prevent the carpet from absorbing new stains? 

Today, thanks to the technology of the 2000s, we offer our customers a revolutionary new service of coating the carpets in a stain-repellent hole. 

The material prevents the carpets from absorbing liquids, and as a result, if something spills on the carpet, all you have to do is take a paper towel from the kitchen and wipe it up.

This is a completely transparent material which cannot be distinguished at all. 

For a price quote and additional details, you are welcome to ask our representatives about stain repellent material for carpets. 

Which is better cleaning carpets at home or at a factory? 

The answer is that it is not a matter of which is better, the most significant advantage of cleaning carpets in a factory is the fact that with this method it is possible to treat carpets that cannot be cleaned at the customer's home since they require special care. 

Can a carpet cleaning service cause damage? 

As long as you work with professional materials, quality equipment will not cause any damage to your carpet. 
Periodic cleaning will help you preserve the carpet for many more years to come.


Our carpet is free of stains and hard dirt. Why do we need a carpet cleaning service at the factory? 

Whether it is done at home or in a factory, it is advisable to carry out this treatment at least once a year for the health of the household members. 

Even if there are no stains on the carpet, it absorbs a lot of dust and pollutants which are harmful to the respiratory system and can cause itching and skin irritation. 

Our carpet smells bad, will factory carpet cleaning solve the problem? 

In addition to the usual cleaning, we can also carry out treatment with a substance that neutralizes unpleasant odors. 
The material remains active on the carpet for several days, during which it continues to work and neutralize unpleasant odors by the simple act of breaking down bacteria. 

If you have more questions on the subject or if you want to order a service, we will be happy to give you a service at any time.

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