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Upholstery cleaning of garden furniture

Upholstery cleaning of professional garden furniture at the customer's home is one of the services we have been providing to our customers for many years. 
Many people are not aware of this, but cleaning the upholstery of garden furniture has long been not an impossible task. 
A lot of people get into trouble with everything related to cleaning upholstery because they don't know how to do it the right way. 

Washing is one of the methods that people try, yes sometimes it works but in most cases it is not possible to put the covers back on the pillows. 
During the road process the fabric fibers shrink and it really becomes an impossible task.

Our garden furniture gets dirty much faster than the furniture inside the house since it is exposed ten times to all environmental damage. 

In order to maintain your furniture for years, it is recommended to use a professional upholstery cleaning service for cleaning the upholstery of garden furniture.


How is the process of cleaning the upholstery of garden furniture carried out? 

The cleaning process is completely identical to the process of cleaning sofas at the customer's home. 
We perform deep cleaning with the help of a special machine that works using the injection and suction method. 
The machine injects hot and cleaning agents into the upholstery and over time vacuums everything back up. 
As a result of this operation, we can perform thorough work easily and quickly. 

How long does the process of cleaning the upholstery of garden furniture take? 

The working times vary according to the condition of the furniture and of course the size of the furniture. 
For the purpose of the example, the cleaning of an average garden furniture of five seats can be done in an hour and a half. 


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How much does it cost to clean the upholstery of garden furniture? 

Just like the working hours, everything depends on the condition of the furniture and the number of seats. 
The price range can range from one hundred to one hundred and fifty shekels per seat. 

How often is it recommended to order a professional service for cleaning the upholstery of garden furniture? 

Whenever we are asked about cleaning sofas, we recommend ordering a service at least once a year to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and pollutants such as dust mites even in the absence of stains. 
Regarding garden furniture, in our opinion it is advisable to carry out thorough cleaning at least twice a year, since garden furniture is much more exposed to pollutants. 

If you want to receive a quote without obligation for cleaning the upholstery of garden furniture, you can simply take a photo and send us the photo. 

Within minutes we will contact you and gather all the necessary information including a full explanation of the process and of course with an arranged price quote. 

If you want to pay much less for cleaning the upholstery of garden furniture, combine the work with cleaning the sofas in your home. 

The more furniture you add to be cleaned in one order, the cheaper the price per item will be. 

You ordered a service for cleaning the upholstery of garden furniture and now you want to protect it for a long time? 

This is exactly what we are here for, we at Zeus Clean provide a service of coating with a stain-repellent material. 

The material will prevent the upholstery from absorbing liquids completely and as a result new stains will not accumulate.


How soon can we return to using the furniture after cleaning the garden furniture upholstery? 

Drying times can range from half a day to a full day. 
If the pillows are left to dry in the sun, drying times can even be shortened to two to five hours, depending on the weather. 

For a quote and additional information, contact us today. 

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