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Cleaning sofas in Tel Aviv

Cleaning sofas in Tel Aviv - do you live in Tel Aviv and are you tired of looking at the stains on the sofas and smelling the unpleasant odors? 

Welcome, you have come to the right place! 


We at Zeus Clean have been providing a professional sofa cleaning service in the center of the country in the Sharon area and in the Lowlands since 2006. 

Beyond cleaning sofas, we also clean carpets, mattresses, armchairs, dining room chairs and car upholstery. 

The service is provided at the customer's home, within 60 minutes on average you will get a clean salon that smells as good as the day you bought it. 

Yes, you read that right, you don't need to spend thousands of shekels on a new living room or new upholstery. 


How much does it cost to clean sofas in Tel Aviv 


Since every house has a different living room in terms of size and type of fabric, in order to give you a price quote, we will ask you to send us a picture of the sofas so that we understand exactly what it is. 

Another thing that affects the cost of cleaning is the condition of the couch, a relatively clean couch that just needs refreshing will be cheaper to clean than a living room that is full of animal hair, stubborn stains, etc.  


On average, cleaning fabric sofas will cost between ninety and one hundred and fifty shekels excluding VAT per seat. 


How long does it take to clean sofas in Tel Aviv? 


Cleaning an average living room of five seats can be done in about an hour. 

If it is a leather or natural fabric living room, the cleaning process requires between an hour and a half to two hours.  


At the end of the work, the living room must be allowed to dry for an average of twelve to twenty-four hours. 

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How often is it advisable to order a sofa cleaning service in Tel Aviv? 


The answer varies from house to house, but we always recommend performing a thorough cleaning once a year, even if there are no stains on the sofa, in order to remove dust, bacteria and other pollutants from the upholstery that accumulate in the depth of the upholstery throughout the year. 

Taking care of periodic cleaning will ensure both a healthier sitting and a bright day for the living room that you bought with the best of your money. 


Why choose you for sofa cleaning in Tel Aviv? 


We provide a warranty on every job, what does that mean exactly? 

This means that we guarantee that no damage will be caused to your living room as a result of the cleaning process. 


A free quote without obligation, also we do not increase prices upon arrival at your home. 


Use of professional materials and equipment only without the use of dangerous chemicals. 


Punctuality, fast service and a wide smile are guaranteed to every customer. 


Want to get an impression of sofa cleaning jobs in Tel Aviv that we have done in the past? 

Visit our before and after page on the website or simply search for Zeus Clean sofa cleaning on YouTube or Facebook, where you can get an impression of hundreds of jobs we've done in just the last few years 


I ordered sofa cleaning in BA and the living room looks perfect, how can I protect it from stains? 


Very simply, for several years we at Zeus Clean have been providing an innovative service of covering the furniture with the materialrepels stainsProfessional. 

For an explanation of the treatment and to receive a quote, ask for more details from our representatives. 


To order a service or regarding any question, you can contact us via email, phone, Facebook or by filling out the contact form on our contact page

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