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Cleaning sofas in Hod Hasharon

Cleaning sofas in Hod Hasharon is the simplest solution for those who are tired of sitting on dirty sofas :).

We use our sofas on a daily basis to watch our favorite series on Netflix, read a book, host guests or just spend quality time with the rest of the family. 

Over time, the sofas get dirty from food crumbs, ink stains, paint from jeans, coffee stains, wine and what not! 

Don't want to buy a new living room! A sofa cleaning treatment in Hod Hasharon will solve the problem easily and quickly. 

Thanks to the materials and professional equipment, we are able to remove even tough stains from sofas such as ink, wine, slime and oil. 


There are many customers who are still not aware of this service and they want to change the living room or reupholster. 


Why is it better to order sofa cleaning in Hod Hasharon and not reupholster? 


Professional cleaning is an easy, quick solution and the price is convenient for every pocket. 

Reupholstering is a complex process, requires a lot of time and the price can reach thousands of shekels. 


Why order sofa cleaning in Hod Hasharon from a professional company and not buy sofa cleaning materials from the supermarket? 


The materials sold in stores are first of all not cheap, they are only a partial and temporary solution. 

You will also pay, you will also work hard and in the end the stains will return after a few days. 

After all, we get dirty, we shower and not just apply body lotion or perfume ourselves with deodorant. 


Cleaning sofas in Hod Hasharon by a professional company will solve the problem easily and the stains will not return after a few days. 

Why won't the spots come back? 

Because unlike cleaning agents in the do-it-yourself method, professional treatment removes all the contaminating dirt from outside the sofa and it penetrates deep into the upholstery. 

ניקוי ספות בהוד השרון
ניקוי ספות בהוד השרון
ניקוי ספות בהוד השרון
ניקוי ספות בהוד השרון

How much does it cost to clean sofas in Hod Hasharon? 


The price varies in each case and it mainly depends on the type of upholstery, the size of the living room and its condition. 

Standard cleaning for a living room of five seats for a synthetic fabric living room will cost an average of ninety shekels per seat. 

To receive a price quote, you can take a photo of the piece of furniture you want us to clean for you and send us the photo. 

One of us will get back to you with a price offer without any obligation on your part. 


Is a treatment for cleaning sofas in Hod Hasharon only against dust? 


Absolutely not, our service removes ink stains, markers, food, drinks, oils, slime, coffee stains, vomit and a wide variety of other tough stains. 

Beyond removing stains, we also know how to remove unpleasant odors of sweat, needs, cigarettes, fire and water damage. 

Another new service we offer is coating the living rooms with an innovative material called a stain-repellent material for sofas. 

Coating the living room with a stain-repellent material will prevent the fabric from absorbing liquids completely for a period of one and a half years on average. 

If the miracle spills on your sofa, you can simply absorb everything with absorbent paper from the kitchen and the sofas will be completely dry and without stains. 


How long will the sofa dry and what is your availability? 


Our availability in the Sharon area is about two or three days. 

After our team finishes the cleaning process in your home, you should allow the living room to dry between half a day and a full day. 

It very much depends on the weather and the amount of water required to clean the living room, a relatively clean living room requires less water and therefore drying can only require five to six hours. 


Beyond the service of   Sofa cleaning in Hod Hasharon What other services do you provide? 


Mattress cleaning in Hod Hasharon 

Car upholstery cleaning in Hod Hasharon 

Cleaning dining room chairs in Hod Hasharon 

Carpet cleaning in Hod Hasharon 


Why choose you? 


We have been engaged in the field since 2006 and during that time we have gained a lot of experience and satisfied customers. 

You can read reviews about us on Google and get an impression of our work on YouTube. 

We guarantee every job, arrive on time and advocate complete transparency with our customers. 


For more details and a quote, contact us today! 

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