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Cleaning sofas in Caesarea

At the end of the work, we will return all the furniture to their place and, if necessary, we will also apply a substance that neutralizes unpleasant odors. 


If you would like to protect the sofas and carpets in your home from stains for hopefully one to two years, ask our team to also get a quote for the application of a stain-repellent material for sofas and carpets. 


Cleaning sofas in Caesarea for fabric or leather upholstery will cost between ninety and one hundred and fifty shekels per seat. 

The price varies from house to house according to the types of fabrics, the size of the bar and its condition. 

Drying times are between half a day and twenty-four hours only. 


Will a sofa cleaning service in Caesarea solve unpleasant smells as well? 


Certainly, professional sofa cleaning and then spraying with an active odor neutralizing agent will remove odors caused by smoking, urine, sweat, etc. 


If you do not want us to clean the carpets in your home, we can come pick them up and perform the cleaning at the factory. 

Within five to seven business days we will return them clean and smelling good. 


For more information and a quote without obligation, contact us now. 

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Cleaning sofas in Caesarea is just one of the services we provide to our customers in the Sharon area. 

What else are we doing? 

Cleaning dining room chairs, cleaning armchairs, cleaning youth beds, cleaning carpets and carpets from wall to wall. 

The service is provided at the customer's home nationwide. 


Are you looking for a quality professional who provides a professional and reliable service for cleaning sofas in Caesarea? 

You have come to the right place! 


We have been working in the field since 2006. Over the years we have provided service to private customers, institutions, offices, hotels and the best-known furniture stores in Israel. 


All our customers receive, without exception, a guarantee in every job, a commitment to the result and of course a professional and reliable service. 


How is the process of cleaning sofas in Caesarea carried out? Very simple! 

In the first step, we will ask you to send us a photo of the sofas or any other furniture that you would like us to clean to receive a quote. 

Beyond a price quote, we will already know whether it is something that can be done or not, unfortunately there are pieces of furniture that cannot or should not be cleaned. 


If our price offer is acceptable to you, all that remains to be done is to coordinate a day and time to perform the work (and yes, we are one of those who arrive on time :) )


Our team will come to you equipped with the best materials for cleaning upholstery and of course with the help of a professional machine for cleaning sofas and carpets. 

If you order a sofa cleaning service in Caesarea and you are worried that there will be no damage to the wooden or natural stone floors in your home, remove worry from your heart because we will take care of that too! 

Our team will arrive with a special sheet that they will spread in the area where the cleaning is being done. 

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