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Bad smell in the car, removing unpleasant odors from car upholstery.

ריח רע ברכב
ריח רע ברכב

Suffering from a bad smell in the car?

You have come to the right place, we at Zeus Clean clean car upholstery thoroughly and specialize in removing unpleasant odors efficiently and quickly.

What are the cases we encounter most often?


Vehicles with a very strong smell of cigarettes, one of the most common problems. Customers who bought a car with a strange smell without knowing the source of this smell and want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Vehicles smelling of mold after flooding. Vehicles with a musty smell afterUpholstery cleaningunprofessional.

Vehicles with an unpleasant smell due to the needs of small children or animals.

Really extreme smells as a result of the driver forgetting a pack of frozen meat in the car after shopping at the supermarket for the whole weekend.


You might be surprised but there is a solution for everything and it's really not as complicated as you think.

If you search on Google you will find countless solutions and grandmother's methods for eliminating odors, most of the time it will not solve the problem.

It's nice to wear the perfume but it won't remove the smell most of the time the result is the opposite and it will only intensify the smell after a few hours.


what are we doing?

Cleaning using the injection and suction method using professional equipment and materials.

We use equipment that can inject hot water at very high pressure into the upholstery fibers together with a professional sofa cleaning shampoo.

Scrubbing the surface to separate the dirt from the fabric.

And of course a very powerful wet vacuum cleaner with the help of which we will suck back the maximum amount of water.


After the cleaning process, we treat the car seats and carpets with a substanceneutralizes odorswhich comes to us from the world of cleaning sofas.

This substance is neither a laundry perfume nor an air freshener, the substance is a professional odor neutralizer that wears on the bacteria and remains active for several days and thus 100% results are obtainedodor removal.


The cleaning process is carried out at the customer's home nationwide, yes, you don't have to leave the house, stand in traffic and wait for us to finish.

We come to your home or work, all we need is an electricity point within 20 to 30 meters of where your car is parked.


A thorough treatment for the upholstery takes about an hour, if you need to remove odors, we recommend thorough cleaning for the upholstery of the doors, carpets, car floor and trunk as well.

All these surfaces have a tendency to absorb odors, so it is important to clean everything thoroughly.


Our cleaning is carried out with the help of professional materials and without the use of dangerous chemicals so that no danger is exposed to small children or animals.

Do you also clean the ceiling?

We do not clean ceilings because this is a water sensitive place and the ceiling padding will often start to fall off after a few days.

In extreme cases where the ceiling requires treatment to remove spot stains, we will treat spot stains using stain removal materials and a microfiber cloth without injecting a large amount of water or powerful suction.


Do you also clean leather upholstery?


Absolutely yes, although the working methods are slightly different, but we definitely also clean car leather upholstery and at the end of the cleaning process, we apply a nourishing substance to the leather that will give it a smooth touch like silk, shine and most importantly long-term protection.

We always recommend to our customers to take care of the leather in their car regularly to prevent cracks and tears.

At the end of the cleaning process, we will guide you on how to maintain the leather in the car in the most correct way.


In extreme cases, we recommend replacing the air conditioner filter in the car and even removing unpleasant odors with ozone gas at the end of the cleaning procedure. Remember the perfume will not help!

You must first clean a vegetable after you spray perfumes.

Do you have any more questions? Want to consult? Contact us today and we will be happy to be at your disposal.

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ריח רע ברכב
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